How do I DM a moderator?

Sorry, I have tried looking around the site as I would like to sell something, however I haven’t been able to locate how to DM a moderator.
Please be kind >.<

I believe to sell anything on this forum you need to improve your trust rating by being an active member, replying to posts, helping other members with questions/issues etc.

You can’t join and immediately sell stuff here, mods have been burned before by ppl doing the wrong thing.

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Oh okay, my apologies.
I understand that you guys would have been burned before.
I am not too sure how I can be an active member by accomplishing the replying to posts and helping others as I took up the hobby for only a short time and have next to no knowledge on any of it.
Tried to pull a part and put back a gel blaster and failed miserably haha
I do have all the pictures and information about what I am trying to sell.

Understandable, just being an active member of the community will get you there, it’s not necessarily only posting answers to problems but engaging in general discussions, asking questions, giving any appropriate feedback, it all counts.

We all had to start from the bottom and build up that trust.

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One way, you can ask questions about where you failed in putting a blaster back together :+1:

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That is a fantastic idea!
Thank you!
I will do that as soon as I have some free time. See if I can put it back together :blush:

Moderators are folks with shields next to their names, that being @DocBob , @The_General , and myself. You can DM us by clicking our names and then hitting the “Message” button.

That said, welcome and glad to have you join us :heart:

Hi! I am trying to message a mod but I cant find the message button as you explained. Could you please shoot me a msg, thanks ! :slight_smile:

If you click/press the avatar pic it’ll bring up a window with a message button on it.

Otherwise new accounts might not have that function to being with but I’m not sure on that.