Hybrid 92

Hi , anyone had any trouble with their hybrid 92 gear box, especially with the selector plate, semi auto , and auto .

Mine has been together and running for a few years now and I vaguely remember the gen9 plate being really tight, and not really working with it. I think I got an SHS selector plate, it worked.

Cheers , have been searching trying to find a SHS selector plate nil luck so far the plate so far seem s to long between the selector spring for semi and auto.

Nylon Anti-Heat Selector Plate for V2 Gearbox - X-Force Tactical

SHS Gearbox Selector Plate – Azraels Armoury

Selector Plate For Airsoft AEG Version 2 Gearbox (SHS) – OP Force Delta Gel Blasters & Discount Archery Supplies

JM Gen 9 Gen 10 V2 Nylon Mode Selector Plate / Switch Block / Semi Cut-Off / Safety Kit – Big Boss Tactical

JM Gen 9 Gen 10 V2 Nylon Mode Selector Plate – Big Boss Tactical

Afaik it’s same as V2. @RokSolid would know more on that.

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Yes @Maiphut you are correct afaik. Alot of the H92 was designed to be “V2” parts rather than gen9, as it allowed for better parts and customisation.
Trigger, trigger block, cutoff lever, and selector plate and safety switch, all work best when using v2 parts, rather than gen9 parts.

Basically, you keep the cylinder head and nozzle, and tappet plate from your gen9, and get v2 parts for everything else. It is good as you have a wider selection of better parts, but also increases the cost of change over to H92.

The main one I remember is the orange “unbreakable” tappet plates do not work, unless you file/sand them down to move freely. Rather the black singularity? or white gen8/9/10 tappet plate worked best as it moves freely.


Cheers , I throught big boss had closed down ?

Hi , so I purchased a Shs selector plate , a v2 trigger , v2 switch block , kept the cyc, nozzel + head and tappet plate, already have a Shs cut off lever ,hope when it all turns up it’ll fix auto , and semi .


Not sure on that one, can’t find any mention of it. Plenty of other places to buy from :+1: