Hydrodipping - Water Transfer

I’ve got it in my head to change the look of the black nylon grip on my CZ VZ61, give it a woodgrain appearance, make it a bit more period correct.

Keen to find out if anyone’s tried and had any success with water transfer sheets on nylon blaster parts… woodgrain sheets are pretty accessible on ebay… :thinking:

Wooden grips for submachine gun vz. 61 - AFG-defense.eu

Hmm now ya got me thinking. I wonder… (4) KSC Vz61 Skorpion Wooden Grip? : airsoft (reddit.com)

My mate over here in WA has a very successful Hydrodipping Business.

He had a big contract with an Eastern States Gelblaster Supplier who would ship thousands of parts over here for him to apply many different types of patterns and products.

Unfortunately the WA bans put an end to the Gelblaster contracts, but he’s still flat out doing custom bike/car/gun/electronic parts.

Couple examples here.

Standard .223 rifle composite stock :

Customer requested wood grain pattern:

Another real steel customer job.

There’s hundreds more different patterns that he’s done on real steel and says that there’s thousands of designs available online these days for sure :+1:


He is still able to do individual parts…… just illegal to send a complete blaster or anything with gels or an inner barrel.

But there’s also plenty of other Hydro Dipping companies in the Eastern States that can provide this kind of service without having to send parts back and forth across the country :+1:



A tiny nylon grip in the mail would be no problem then :+1:

If I draw a blank locally I’ll hit you up for your mate’s details @DocBob. Pics are much appreciated… those real steal dips look the business… amazing. :exploding_head:

No worries, I can certainly help out if you decide to go with that plan…… as long as you’re not in a rush to get it done!

The interstate Camels can be a bit slow sometimes :roll_eyes:

Lots of tutorials in YT for painting wood grain effect :+1:


I had actually thought about that…

Some of the the hand painted woodgrains I’ve seen online are a dead ringer for real timber. :+1:


Came out well enough… :thinking:

It’s a pretty tight grain with not a lot of figuring on the real furniture, so I can live with it. :wink: looks better than plain black nylon at any rate.


Looks a bit more like bakelite, still suits it. Did you do it or get it done?

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I did it with limited rescources :laughing:

A can of mission brown, a bottle of cedar stain, a can of satin clearcoat and some steel wool.

It does look a bit like bakelite, but I based it on this photo of the real deal… :point_down:

Close enough… :+1:

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If I didn’t know any better I would think that was bakelite on that one, honestly it’s just a bit lighter with more of a sheen that’s different in my eyes.

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I guess that’s what you get from The People’s Sub-machine Gun Grip Factory. :laughing:

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Now that you can do wood grain…
All The Things 3063

Always liked the Skorpion, so cool and unique. Plenty of history to them from the IRA to the killing of the Italian president to being found on criminal gangs in Sweden to this day :rofl:

Yeah, I’m a bit of a CZ anything nut. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There are still plenty for me to hunt up :laughing:

Might have to buy another and graft a stock onto it… :thinking:

Absolutely, Czechs make fantastic firearms, even the 22 ba, accurate as. :+1:

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Do really like the ones with wooden stocks too

Yeah… the EVO II… very cool. :+1: