I am trying to locate this T piece

I am in search of this T piece or a T piece that will work. This is from an Emerbu M4A1 v2

Any suggestions are appreciated!! Thanks!!

Also, I am in the US if that matters for shipping purposes.

Additional photo added incase this helps!

Did the neck going to the mag snap off? How’d you manage that? :open_mouth:

That website is being red flagged for me for some reason.

Kinda looks like a CYMA t-piece.

I ordered a brand new Emerbu m4a1 and received a used one and it was broken like that out of the box. No idea how it happened. It does kind of look like the Cyma but it almost looks as if the tube that connects to the mag is shorter, but pictures can be deceiving.

not seen this blaster, but if you measure the outer diameter of the barrel, I would guess if 9mm it is a wells tpiece, if 9.5mm an LDT tpiece. Hard to tell, but I would nearly guess the LDT tpiece could be made to work.

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Emerbu is a Chinese company that operates out of China and the USA.

LDT & CYMA t pieces are pretty similar… one’s shorter in the feed tube section but can’t remember which.

Might be worth trying either one out. :person_shrugging: For what it’s worth I’ve made weird custom t pieces using superglue or epoxy that are still going strong, maybe repair it?

Not going back to the seller with this? I would if you purchased new and got second hand.

I was thinking about using epoxy and/or superglue today. I am going to try it. I think it will work for at least a bit, maybe until I can find the correct replacement. Thanks to all who have replied!

If you ordered brand new contact the seller with those pics and ask what the deal is before doing any kind of repair, I’m not sure what the consumer laws are like in the US but over here they’re required to either replace or refund something like that.

It could of just been damaged in transit but if that was the case other parts would of broke first.

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Definitely this :point_up_2: