Importing drop in gearbox?

I’m thinking about buying a hpa box from amped, but i don’t know if the border with seize it or not, even if labled as “toys”

Historically, at least, gearboxes have tended to be seized by customs. My suggestion would be to contact QPol first, and get a B709 filled out, then send it to customs in advance of the item arriving. It’s a bit of a pain in the bum, but it would more or less guarantee the part getting through.

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Ah bummer, what bout just the engine, fcu and some line?

That, I don’t know the answer to. Maybe try emailing ABF?


I had a completely disassembled metal gearbox seized, possibly because it could have been an Airsoft product :roll_eyes:

I think a fully assembled Gelblaster Gearbox that is properly labeled and described in your import paperwork wouldn’t be an issue, but definitely contact authorities first and get everything in order before spending your money :+1:

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