Increase FPS Gas Pistol

Hi, i have a tokyo marui hi capa pistol it was shooting about 240fps but i put a guarder enhanced chamber and a new bucking (double bell i believe couldn’t find any others in stock) the stock one was aztech pistol bucking but it had a slight rip in it so i changed it now it’s shooting around 200fps would it be the bucking that i changed or the chamber do bucking effect fps that much and im looking at getting the fps high 200s any way of achieving that cheers

Sounds like theres a leak there now to be honest, as for fps tuats generally gained from pushing more gas through it or higher pressure gas say 14kg instead of 12kg.

You can buy mag valaves that release more gas and nozzles and their internals that are more efficient with that gas and also gain fps that way at the expence of less shots per mag.
The rubber seals on the mags also being oiled and maintaining their seal also aginst the nozzle leads to less wasted gas also and more into the nozzle.

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yer i always use silicon oil after about 3 uses to the seals should be plenty good enough just doesn’t make sense should i try a different bucking it’s tokyo marui so should be pretty high quality mag right?

I use some kinda thick oil into the seals and let it soak more like a syrup sort of consistency then the thinner stuff into the nozzle for those seals inside it and then thick grease fpr the mag seals on the bottom.

As for the bucking and all that i have never changed any of them in my pistols i suggest maybe greasing them to create a better seal but if the fps drop was after changing the bucking and the chamber i assume you are loosing pressure there like somethings not matching up well, is it escaping around the barrel does the nozzle not go into it very well i dunno to be honnest.

Also keep in mind what gas you are using and the temperature green gas really doesnt like the cold and your seals can freeze very easily and sometimes just dump the gas outright. Basicly the colder it gets the more gas wasted so could just be the weather unless you had it shooting that hard in winter before kek. I might also suggest maybe buying a nozzle to match ur thing because they would be designed to interface with their own parts better