Is the alphaking AK mags feed that bad?

I have heard some bad reviews about the alphaking ak mags not feeding gel balls properly. And i’m still considering between the RX Aks and Alphaking Aks, so please, share you opinions with me. Thank you.

Unfortunately, yes. Nadda 3D Prints used to make parts for them to fix it before the SA legislation change, but now you’d have to design your own. If you or a mate has a 3D printer, you can design a wedge to go at the bottom of the magazine, behind the feeding wheel.

Honestly though, I’d say skip both of them and go straight to the Double Bell. They’re a bit more expensive, but they run on RX and Double Bell mags, which both have pretty good feed reliability. They’re also made of better materials, and have full metal internals as opposed to nylon boxes and receivers.


I found a link on aliexpress, is this the part you are talking about?

Been a while since I’ve seen the original Nadda ones, but yeah it looks like it.

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