JG AUG - has anyone upgraded successfully?

So im wondering whether to commit to a new AEG build. I closed my eyes and randomly picked from the rack my JG Steyr AUG A1. Wondering if this might be a bridge to far given its unique layout?

Has anyone done the same? Any build info would be great.

Inside they are basically a v3, with an aug specific trigger system which really doesnt change the function of the box, just overrides the semi auto electronically with a second switch.
Being a JG, the airseal is usually top notch, the tappet spring can do with shortening or changing to a shorter stronger item, the stock piston is worth changing to a better shs or equivalent, but keep the stock piston head, they are great. The gears are classic cast lottery, may handling a larger spring, my not. I would change them to shs. Now the real beauty of JGs, their motors are very good, weaker neo magnet motors, with decent torque and speed. 16:1s will give them a slight boost, 13:1s will get them up around 24-25rps with a snappy semi. an m100 or m110 spring is worth doing, pick you power output.

Also, a good washer and 6mm bolt in the spring retainer to keep in straight in the gearbox is worth doing when upgrading the spring, as the retainer tends to wobble a bit.

basically, gears, spring, tappet spring, and piston, done. You likely won’t want for more, especially if you opt for 13:1s and m110 as you will be hurling gels 24-25 times a second at 360-380 fps. Wild, as most JGs are with the same upgrades.

Worth noting, the mag terminals, and trigger switch are best removed for for any operation, and does require desoldering, and on the mag terminals, take photos, there are a few components and can be painfull to line up and reinstall, especially if you wish to avoid a short.


Awesome advice/knowledge sharing mate!


wow! plenty to work with there. Appreciated !!