Jinming vs Cyna

Out of these two guns, which would you pick and why? Thanks!!

Can guarantee anyone here will say the CYMA.
Solid performance and reliability out of the box and a great beginners platform for modding and upgrades.
The only downside really is they will only take CYMA mags, without modification at least.

Be wary with Zhenduo too, there have been issues with them in the past here in Aus and I think Europe with ppls card details being stolen, by a third party. Even PayPal won’t deal with them anymore and they haven’t shipped to Aus since they got called out on it, which is a shame cause they got some nice things on there.

Thank you for the response. Unfortunately, I have already submitted my order for the Cyma M4. I will definitely rethink my decision in the future to order from them. I am in the USA so hopefully my information won’t get stolen.

Well, you ordered the better of the two blasters in any case :+1:

Jin Ming are still viable, just not as upgrade and modification friendly as the CYMAs and of lower build quality. Also, Jin Ming are now defunct where as CYMA aren’t with their roots in airsoft production.

Chinese production being what it is, who knows who’s punching out JM product now…

I am starting to get lost with all the mods that are available for the Cyma M4. Most kits seems to be out of stock and I don’t know which individual parts to order in what order because they make so many of them.

The more I research, the deeper the rabbit hole goes.

If anyone can post exact links and/or product details, this would be immensely helpful as I learn this great sport.

Accuracy and distance is what I am mostly concerned with, with rate of fire being last.

CYMA M4s don’t need a lot of internal mods.

At a minimum, I’d replace the plastic inner barrel with a 7.5mm alloy… so you’ll need a barrel and a t piece. Make sure the IB you order is long enough to give you a little bit out the front of the outer barrel to accomodate a hop up if that’s desired.

Upgrade the factory piston o ring to a green or black… you’ll get better compression and more FPS.

Upgrade the piston spring with either an M90 or 1.18 unequal spring… being nylon geared I’d choose the unequal spring, they’re a little kinder on your gears than the M90.

That’s pretty much it. I run the same base blaster with the original nylon gears with those basic mods and it easily acheives 270-280FPS with a decent ROF and snappy trigger on an 11.1v lipo. Very reliable blaster.

You could always go further with an upgrade alloy cylinder head, nozzle and piston head but to be fair the stock CYMA setup is reasonable as is.

Like you said, it’s a rabbit hole, how deep you go is up to you. You could also replace the nylon gears and piston with SHS metal, upgrade to a high torque motor and run an M100 or M110 spring to bump it up to 300+FPS… it just depends how much you want to do and spend.

Blasters are like cars… the old saying “speed is just a question of money… how fast can you afford to go?” applies here.

Or you could take the easy road and just buy a CYMA metal geared alloy gearbox… straight drop in and very reliable.

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Agreed. My standard CYMA (spring and barrel only) performs just as well on 11.1v as the metal geared, upgraded nozzle and high torque motor version. 250-280fps is normal. Run an M100 spring and it will hit 300fps until the o-ring wears down. CYMA nozzle and tappet are unique. An upgraded handguard with brace to receiver will reduce some of the movement in the standard handguard

Which spring and barrel did you put on your Cyma m4?

7.5mm barrel and 1.28 Ausgel spring

Yeah, 7.5mm IB is the easiest choice to live with. :+1:

I used to run 7.3mm on everything to up the FPS but you get a little tired of barrel jams… especially with the varied consistency of the harder gels these days.