Jm gen 8.5 m4a1 trigger contact assembly

Im having trouble putting my gen 8 trigger contact box back in my gearbox does anyone have a diagram or video that can help me ive looked and cant find anything to what i need help with

Should be pretty straightforward…

Just sits on two pins with the contact facing the trigger… i.e. rearward.

The recess molded into the gearbox shell only allows fitment in one orientation. :+1:

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Those Gen8 trigger springs are usually the culprit, finicky little bastards that are hard to get in place and hold onto when trying to put the two halves of the gearbox together, especially when those little springs are trying to tilt the trigger axle off to one side the whole time :rage:

They were always my biggest PITA, no matter how many hundreds of times I worked on Gen8’s, that was the one job I never looked forward to! :roll_eyes:

These little holder clip sets are what I eventually purchased a couple of, which are cheap, work a treat and can highly recommend getting a set if you are pulling these things apart on a regular basis :ok_hand:

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