Just blew a fuze on my V2 Levi optical

After weeks of back and forth with a reputable tech to get my hk416 working again. I had finally got my gun back in working order. Fed great shot great and good power draw. Got so excited I ended up using the back chrono (AKA 2arm2 shot me in the back with it) and I’ll tell you what, 4 shots in the back has never crippled me to the ground faster and dying with laughter. 2arm2 says about 350fps which is a lot when started out at about 200 and barely even making me flinch.
So I put it back in the bag and left it waiting excitedly for a my first session with my newly minted blaster. All I needed was a new battery as my old ones had either stopped working or gotten a bit too puffy for my liking. So I called my local field to get a 11v titan pre charged and ready for use.
I arrive, we plug it in and poof. The fking fuze blew. Not all nightmares I thought that’s what a fuze is for so it doesn’t brake anything else I’ll just go buy a new one. Problem with that. It’s 5:30 and all auto shops are closed, shit. Try the BP, only has 20a when I need a 40a, no go. Ended up ripping a fuze out of one of the fields staff blasters (god bless him) and giving it a test. Fking nothing. No beep, no buzz, no nothing. FFS I’m at my wit’s end with this bastard thing any ideas of what it might be, I’ll be dropping it back to my tech tomorrow.

Tldr: upgraded gun after lots of f**k around got it working great before failing me and blowing a fuze on game night. Plz help

Sounds like my experience with my upgraded slr. I dont recall ever having more than maybe 2 game days without it breaking something. Do yourself a favour and convert it to hpa now before you spend more money in parts. Trust me, it ends up cheaper.

Here’s the gun and what it shows when connected to the app

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Yeah it’s tempting but I’ve just replaced everything but the frame so far and I’m in about $1200 at this point

This is the error code 103 from the levi manual.

ISSUE: The gun always shoots BURST with short-long beep after fire (Error 103).
SOLUTION: Cycle micro switch doesn‘t detect sector gear motion. Use micro switch check
function to move cycle micro switch to the right position detecting edge at the gear.

The sector gear is not hitting the micro switch on the levi due to misalignment. It needs to be adjusted and manually checked to see if it is making contact when you spin the sector gear by hand.

Out of interest, where are you located and what tech did you take it too?

Sunshine coast and I don’t think he’s advertised but he goes by mantis. I got that error by plugging in a new fuze and battery then pulling the trigger a couple times. But the motor doesn’t spin anymore and as you can see in the second picture the motor amps are at 0 even though a motor is connected and was working only days before. Amps were running a bit high at about 110-130 start current. But motor wasn’t getting hot and I tested tested the motor to confirm it still worked

Ok there is a bit to go through here…
If the fuse blows soon as you plug a battery in, you should open it and investigate before replacing and trying a new fuse, I would guess there is a short somewhere.
Also, 100-110amps is stupid high, I would say there is something wrong with that, as that is more like a motors “stall” current.
What is the specs of the build? Gears, gearbox, motor, spring, short stroke etc.

1:16 shs gears, Mkv2m split box, laylax prometheus high toque motor, 130 spring (i think), might be short stroked a couple teeth, leviathan v2 optical (obviously). The battery that blew the first fuse was a titan nuchuck 11.1 volt but we tested it on a different gun and it worked fine. What is weird that after testing everything else on the levi works other than the motor. no breaks in the wire. no grounding out to the box. so it seems that somehow its just died on the board. Ive sent an email to jefftron and have had a response from the owner, but ill probs have to wait and see what happens after I send it off.

In these situations I normally get out the torch and magnifying glass and have a good look at the electronic board/components.

In most cases can pinpoint the particular issue through burnt tracking/lacquer or ruptured components.
I’m sure that JEFFTRON will be more than happy to help out though :sunglasses:

I would follow that up, my experience is that Jefftron are great in after sales support, which in my opinion is part of the cost of their products. They have helped me repair and even modify their products in the past.