Kublia m 16

Hi just stripped my nylon gears , will a universal 18/ 1 metal gears fit , or my MANY spare 18 to 1 v2 j10 gears , cheers .

Standard V2 gears should fit just about any gearbox, only exception would be some of the small funky gearboxes in things like the MP7, DK12 etc.

Only issues I’ve run into have been the bushings being a smaller diameter or thicker for some reason, like the orange CYMA gearboxes seem to have a larger gear shaft hole.

Yes they will fit. :+1: Gen 8 is a chinese copy of Japans V1 with Chinas own differences to accommodate a bigger ball. They never updated or followed through on the rip off. TM was the first AEG manufacturer bar none.

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