KV Flashlight Upgrade

Weird question for such an old accessory, I know… :laughing: and I’ll apologise in advance for my electronic dyslexia.

Collecting for me is about trying to keep as much originality as I can without sacrificing function and performance. The accessory I’m referring to is this little sucker…

Strange they may be but they look and fit in well with the Vector design ethic. Performance is shitfull however… a couple of days of B vitamins and I can piss brighter than one of these.

Does anyone know of any upgrades like cree bulbs, etc that would possibly make this thing useable? Or is it always going to be limited by the woefull battery output?

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I’m no expert on electronics and LEDs but I do believe the limiting factor here is the battery, it’s like 1.5v or something I think, not gonna get anything very bright with that unfortunately.

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If you could get the battery voltage up by selecting a replacement that fits to get it over 4 volts you could fit something like Maglite LED Conversion Kit CREE XP-G3 Upgrade Bulb 3 4 5 6 Cell D/C Torch Flashl | eBay

Maybe with a switch and wiring upgrade.

Another cheeky trick is to wire the power input to your blasters’ main battery power.

Then choose an appropriate aftermarket LED to suit your power source.

You will be frying cockatoo’s from a mile away with ease! :joy:

*EDIT: Bonus is that you don’t have to worry about buying/storing/maintaining/replacing another set of batteries for these accessories, also reduces the extra weight hanging over the front of your blaster for much better balance :+1:


I did think about that, Doc… more along the lines of an external battery in something like a vertical grip but same principal. That way any visible external wiring would be minimal.

I guess as long as the wiring is ugraded from the gossamer gauge that’s in it now, when you break it down to it’s base components, it’s only an LED, switch and battery. Not sure about the switch, it would need beefing up too, but I’m dealing with an unusual shape. :man_shrugging:

All I’ve gotta deal with now is the wall of blankness that appears in my head anytime someone mentions electronics. :joy:

The wiring can be easily hidden by running underneath the torch, through the handguard, then run through to the gearbox wires :+1:

Only have to simply run the torch +pos / -neg wires and leave any switch wiring or whatever exactly how it is.

I know I tend to make this stuff sound easy, but I’m used to electronics and wiring full newly built vehicles, but understand that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea!