LDT MCX Battery storage

Hi, I have recently purchased a LDT SIG MCX and have finally understood the talk about the battery situation with the handguard.

Does anyone know of a battery that fits the handguard without modification? I have looked at the 11.1v “brick” titan battery but I am unsure.

Or alternatively maybe a external battery box like a dummy PEQ box (I hoping to use a functional PEQ so I’d prefer not to have to attached).

I’d appreciate any help or info given.

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You need either really small or really thin.
I have a couple of thin 7.4v nunchuck batteries I got from Wat that were for the MP5. I have a couple of really thin triple nunchuck Turnigy I got from X-Force.
The surprise one was a super tiny 11.1v from ihobby that fits inside my MCX Rattler build which is substantially smaller than a normal MCX handguard.
Be prepared to swap out the battery plugs to suit though.

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