LDX Expert V2 Gerbox - help with mosfet install

Heyo guys, I am having a issue trying to install a t238 into LDX split gearbox, specifically it seems i don’t have the screw for it. pictured is all the screws that came with my gearbox. and not one will go into that hole.


Additionally, i don’t have the machine screws for the grip either. is the gearbox suppose to come with the screws i mentioned, or does anyone know the correct screws i need, because all i have are self tapping ones.

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Grip bolts don’t come with LDT gearboxes. They rarely come with any gearboxes. I typically get them with the grips themselves if they are high enough quality grips.

As for your bolt, it’s a very fine thread, I think M1 and has a very wide flat button head with a Phillips pattern in the top. You get 2 of them with bigRRR mosfets. Best bet would be asking a store if they have any kicking around as they typically hold the semi latch in place.


Have come across quite a few different metal boxes that don’t have that screw hole threaded :roll_eyes:
Isn’t difficult to drill right through and tap out the hole with a fine machine thread tap :+1: