Lehui sig 552 spring

So i recently got a sig 552. The spring that comes stock is very thin and doesnt swem like its pushing to much fps. What spring would possibly be the best for it. I have tried a 1.3 but im kinda afraid of it blowing the gearbox up due to being a clear plastic. I do have a stock wells mrt full metal spring. But i dont know what size that is

I should add in that its metal gears except for the piston which is a nylon rack and the box itself is a clear plastic at the back

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I always highly recommend the AUSGEL 1.18 as an awesome upgrade for any blaster :ok_hand:

They are very good performers, yet gentle on the gearbox, even with nylon gears :white_check_mark:


What sort of fps are you pushing with the 1.18?

I’ll second the Ausgel 1.18mm spring. It’s easier on gearboxes and easily get you over 300fps with all your sealing and ve done right. Some posted 330-340 on the old forum with it.


I have just ordered one off of the aus gel website. I will probably slap the 1.3 into my cyma gear box or my JG aug and run one of them with it


Yes, they would comfortably push the 300+ in a well sealed gearbox, certainly enough for field limits.
Give good performance/accuracy/longevity without using larger/heavier/harsher springs to achieve the same FPS as the 1.18 AUSGEL :ok_hand:

Im a little to lazy to pull this sig apart. So as long as she can push the gels out. Im happy haha

All that information lost.
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Sanity checks for police with assault rifles​:thinking::sweat_smile: