LH Aug Metal Gearbox

Hi, I’ve been working on my LH Aug For a while now and I have been looking for a metal gearbox to replace the old plastic one with. I have seen a couple of people calling it an LH v3 but haven’t seen any metal gearboxes similar that would fit. I was wondering if anyone has found a replacement metal one or a gearbox that is similar and requires little modification to the shell to fit.

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Hi and welcome to the Asylum.

LH Aug is more V3 but hybrid with it’s electric fire control unlike a regular V3 gearbox.

I have this on my to do list with my LH Aug. I’ve got an alloy V3 supershooter gearbox, T238 mosfet to get rid of the shot counter. Will try to make all that work one of these days. Fair bit of room in the LH gearbox area so don’t forsee any problems there.

Unfortunately they seem to be out of stock everywhere from what I’ve seen from all of my regular suppliers…… even in the overseas markets :frowning:

I also cant seem to find a v3 supershooter available anywhere. Would something like the V3 AK gearbox from double bell work. They look almost identical when comparing pictures.

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Also the shape between the v3 and the original look different. Do you know if installing the v3 into the aug requires modification to the aug itself?

I had a quick look and looked doable but likely not a straight drop in. The AUG gearbox is bit of a hybrid mostly V3 with a touch of Gen9 thrown in the shape.

The aug box just sits there anyway held in place with the back plate so plenty of room for adjustment.

There was a guy that did it and on the old forum, he didn’t say he had much trouble. I can’t for the life of me remember what gearbox of V3 he used.

Ah the supershooter, yea doesen’t have to be specific. It’s just the one I have. I can’t see why you couldn’t use any gearbox V3 to be honest. Like (Rear Wired) V3 Complete Gearbox For Real Wood AK74/AK74u – TacToys take all the trigger gear and selector out of it. They are solid gearboxes too, have one in an AK unlike the early V2 troubles with the APS.

Only thing I can see being a problem is trying to fit the shot counter. But I was going to try the T238 Aug mosfet that doesn’t use that.

There’s probably something that won’t work. I should just get into it one day. Trying to find that day … yeea

Hi, sorry for the late response. I’ve been doing research on some parts but have been stuck on the mosfet

The t238 ones i could find for the v3 gearboxes require the trigger to be within the gearbox going over the optical sensor or mechanical switch. I was thinking i could just solder the original aug trigger switch to the trigger terminals on the board, basically bypassing the sensor. T238 Programmable DTU V1.42 For V3 Gearbox is the one ive been looking at, as it has a mechanical shot counter, mechanical trigger (which i can solder the Aug trigger to), but im not too sure about the gear changing feature and how i can connect it to the AUGs version.

The other issue I came into was the gear selector. Most of the Mosfets I found all use an optical sensor and a selector plate, but similar to the trigger the AUG has its gear selector external to the gearbox.

I was wondering what mosfet you planned to use as im lost but also whether you or anyone knows if its possible to solder the AUGs external trigger and gear selector to the mosfet.

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I refer this one T238 Programmable Mosfet For LH AUG Vector TAR21

Will use your original AUG trigger switch. And gear switch. The gear switch is the only problem I forsee.