LH slr ak available mods

just seeing whats on the market out there for these blasters

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You’re gonna have to be a touch more specific my dude. Are you after internal or external mods? What sort of changes are you looking to get out of your modding? If you’re completely in the dark, try having a jump on YouTube and see if anything speaks to you when you search for gel blaster mods.

ah sorry about that, what im really looking for is a longer hand guard and a top optic rail, they come pretty decked internally already, but i will troll the tube see whats what

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I dont have mine in front of me, so i could be wrong, but im fairly certain that you cant change out the barrel assembly for a longer one.

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I’ve never actually handled one of these myself, so I can’t say for sure, but it looks like it’ll take any standard 74su parts.

Specifically for the optic rail purposes, that’d mean that maybe something like this would suit you?

Hopefully someone a little more sure can help out.

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It’s not that hard to just actually get whatever top cover and rails that you are chasing……. and just use SIKAFLEX or self tapping screws to add whatever you want to it yourself :ok_hand::+1::sunglasses:


Got a few blasters that came together with the judicious use of a Dremel grinder, epoxy glue and self-tapping screws… :laughing:

Anything can be made to fit with a bit of creativity. Never say die, I say. :+1:

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