Looking for QD sling mount socket

Looking for suggestions of a local source for QD sling mount socket that can be inserted into hole in butsock

Got a couple from overseas but they we rubbish metal and flogged out after a couple of uses


Would it be worth searching a local Firearms Store for a good quality QD sling fitting :thinking:

Would surely be a bit more expensive, but definitely good quality gear :+1:

Another good supplier here….


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I would humbly suggest a triangular one as an alternative. It gives the sling a more defined point to make tension against, so the buckle doesn’t slide come to rest unpredictably.

I’m looking for the QD socket. I already have the sling mounts

QD socket

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Pretty sure that any of my links above can certainly offer any particular quality parts that you require mate :hugs::sunglasses::australia:

Yes they have them listed :+1:

Out of stock, no backorder

Order it from the US Brownells site MAGPUL AR-15/M16 SLING MOUNT KIT - TYPE 1 | Brownells

Solved - M97 sling attachment had a couple of spare sockets. Don’t need them with buffer tube attached