M16 BLG conversion m110

Well, as I mentioned in my presentation, getting replicas in Spain is currently very difficult, we have few replicas to choose from, I really like the sniper role, I used to play airsoft and I played as a sniper, I was looking for a lot of information about this role in this hobby which led me to the conclusion that if already in airsoft a sniper almost became obsolete in this hobby even more so… then I decided to go for a select shooter, my surprise was that we did not have the option to buy said replica. … after all this I decided to buy a m16 BLG.
thanks to low Guido’s videos, I began to understand something more about this very similar hobby but without having much to do with airsoft, I understood then that the m16 BLG has a very similar gearbox, if not the same as a Gen8. I started to modify it from the outside and continue inside I leave you photos of the process


Very nice indeed!
Especially love the suppressor and camo wrap, definitely sets it apart from the normal colours :ok_hand:

Thank you very much, although the truth is that I ended up removing it since the tape is a bit sticky and I don’t like the touch very much, I think I’ll cover it with tactical mesh :v:t3:

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