Magazine compatibility

Hey all
Anyone know off hand if the magazines from the Double Bell M92 will fit and work in the we tech M92??? Mags for the we tech are non existent

M9 or 92FS, not m92.

Also, yes they should fit.

My experience with my M92 (stir!!) double bell mag, is that it does fit and work.
However, the double bell mag leaks like a seive.

Ive had it back to xforce, they’ve changed it to a new mag, replaced seal etc…but it still leaks.

My own personal experience,may have been a dud batch, you may have more luck…

Thank you! I have the original we tech mag and it leaks! I have replaced the valve but it still leaks. Will give the DB ones a try! Thank you for the response

I’ve found with mags leaking from the base I take it off and smear a good bit of grease around the o-rings, done the job for me so far.