MCX; my pride and joy

First post here, so Hi

Just wanted to showcase my LDT MCX, definitely not the best looking out there, but it’s mine and I’m happy with it

Airsoft Artisan SUR300 handguard (waiting on the proper suppressor to clear customs). Typical eotech + magnifier, unity tap with a peq 15 and m600

Does 320fps @ 38rps (On an Aztech Brick)

If you’re curious in the internals, here they are:

Ldx expert gen 2.5, tapetless, 13:1 gears (short 2), warhead 35k, m120, Perun hybrid, Prometheus J-caged bearings, Aztech piston
If you’ve got any suggestions, do let me know!


Welcome! Nice build, very little expense spared too!
I love the warhead 35k 13:1 build, makes for a very snappy instant semi and wild full auto; and is pretty kind to batteries too.

Almost the same spec as my cyma, 13:1 (short 4), warhead 35k, m120. Though I still run a tappet plate and it is 350fps @ 36rps on a Titan nunchuck. Interestingly I have been running it a nice 7.4v 6000mah nunchuck Titan in my cyma, still pulls 25rps on a 7.4v, but is cool to have the option to be full tilt on 11.1v (which is why I built it!)

Also I wouldn’t say it isn’t the best looking out there, it is simple and purposeful, with all the tacticool bits, and I reckon it looks mint.

Anyway, welcome to the circus!

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Many thanks for your words!
I’m quite stoked on how you still manage to push 350 fps with m120 short 4!
Could just be because you’re running a tappet and an x-force m120?

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I don’t know, I have done a few builds that are short 4 teeth with an m120, both SHS blue and red pack springs, and x-force springs seem to all get same results for me. I suspect that x-force and shs springs are the same oem from my experiences with them.
One of my blasters has a Slong gearbox with an apache, same setup, same results, is currently the only tappetless I have running as was never to fussed about them, works well though and that box was nearly impossible to get feeding and sealing without the apache, as it is kind of designed to use something more in the 6mm size.

Yeahh, I wouldn’t say Aztech did too much to change it from for airsoft to for gel

Where’d you get the handguard from? I’ve been wanting to grab an MCX but cant seem to find anywhere with it built already. Can only see WAT International with JUST the shell.

WAT is the only way to grab a mcx currently, but it’ll be easy to build up and is well worth it. The handguard is from Airsoft Artisan, a b709a permit is required to import it

Ill have to use my 3 braincells to build it up then. Good to hear the permit still lets the handguard in.

When you do buy it, expect it to 100% get seized and prepare for the money you paid to be tossed in the trash. You can never guess what the border force is up to nowadays, they’ll let some in and seize the other

Lovely to hear. I’ll be looking forward to it. :blush:

The mcx looks decked out.