MCX Rattler Conversion

Hey All

For those that like something a bit different I have built a custom MCX Rattler

LDT MCX with cut down upper rail
Custom 3D printed in aluminium Rattler handguard painted and QD mounts added.
Modified metal Le Hui MCX barrel.
Minimalist stock.
Amoeba grip
Have done some minor internal mods such as bigrrr mosfet, spring and seals.
Just waiting on my Taperlock muzzle brake and I’m going to resin print a low profile deflector.



Very very nice indeed :+1: :+1:


Thanks man! :blush:
For those that don’t have an MCX blaster, the upper rail on a MCX is monolithic and the legacy is a lot longer than the rattler.
It took some commitment to take a saw and a dremel to a $750 blaster! :sweat_smile:



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Printed up the low profile deflector that deletes the forward assist that Rattlers run.
I also printed up a taperlok muzzlebrake as a place holder till my steel one turns up.
Essentially this is what the finished product will look like.



Looks awesome man! Definitely commitment cutting up the upper receiver on a $750 blaster. But the end result is looking worth it :slight_smile:

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Thanks mate.
I’m very project driven when it comes to aesthetics. :grin:

This things awesome! I’m considering making a similar build, that low pro deflector is full commitment too! Did you also cut the receiver for that??

The low profile deflector just bolted onto where the standard one went.
The cutting was the monolithic picatinny rail.

Very nice! I’m looking to do a build myself potentially! This is the motivation I needed haha

Where’d you get this from? Im thinking of getting an MCX.

I built it from a LDT MCX Virtus.