Milsim Test Event: Operation Shifting Shadows

I just saw this on the Donnybrook gel ballers Facebook site ( doesn’t appear to be on the website). Saturday 14th January 2023, 9hr event.

Is anyone on there going?
I’d be interested in hearing peoples thoughts that attend the event as I would like to try a Milsim in the future.
Originally limited to 50 people but now looks like 100 people.


Was there talking with Dave when they were going over it initially :+1:
Reminds me, gotta go out there and get this helicopter moving :thinking:
I will more than likely be there in one form or another :sweat_smile:

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Has anyone got any info on how it went?, there seems to be no feed back out there that i could find.

Been some chatter on discord🤔

Anything of note on discord, i dont have it so can’t check. I would have liked to go, but was out of town on holidays still.

Another one coming on the 28th I believe :thinking:
Most people were pretty happy with it for a trial👍

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Thanks for link, i dont do facebook either will use the miss’s phone to sus it out cheers

Operation Shifting Shadows
28th January 2023
1pm till 10pm
Warning: Booking for this event via phone at 0455 616 950 is essential (in the event of cancellation, please call or message this number). Only the first
120 bookings will be accepted.
The Australian Republic Forces, after seizing control of key cities across northern Queensland, now face their most determined resistance yet from the
Australian Commonwealth Army. The fate of the country hangs in the balance, with the key city of Brisbane at risk of occupation if Donnybrook falls to
the Republic forces.
Experience a physically demanding and high-stakes battle between Commonwealth and Republic forces for control of the Donnybrook area of
operations. Book with your friends and spend the event participating in your missions together. Choose your objectives and fight against a ruthless and
cunning enemy force across urban and bush environments amidst the setting sun and the deadly shadows.
What to expect:

  • Price of $50 members. $60 for non-members, additional $10 fee for hire equipment (including blaster and magazines).
  • Arrival by 1300hrs (1pm)
  • Game ending late into the night. Pack your night vision and torches.
  • After booking, check the event page to find the essential packing list, game rules sheet, and more.
  • camp overnight and play the next morning for an additional $20 fee.
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