Mp5 / mp5k

I’m lookin at getting one, there are two at xforce with my attention.

I want a specific stock for it but if i get the us realsteel its incredibly overpriced and poor quality so hoping someone’s had more luck finding it

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images - 2023-12-10T012620.240

I am gonna sling it under my arm so leaning Mp5k but its wells… So maybe the longer barrel wouldn’t be so bad, I will slap this thing, it’s both manual of arms, and part of the stim, plus it’s iconic if they can’t be slapped whats the point.

I don’t care how it shoots just that I can run it through reloads relentlessly without breaking it, of my fixation lasts, a few extra mags and pouches, maybe I’ll take it to a game but rn it’s just for stimming.

Surprised that the MP5 is still a popular item among LF and military.

it go click click

alternative joke

are you really surprised a gun you not only can slap, but are encouraged to is so popular

true. the HK slap really slaps :smiley:

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The gas one is surprisingly good if you take care of it, and get one that was manufactured right. It can also be easily converted to accept a buffer tube, and a picattiny rail handguard instead of the default vertical grip kind. Main downsides are the magazine size (~15-20), material it’s made from, and the fact that it’s open bolt.

AEG version will have the EBB on it, but that slowly damages your gearbox and you’ll want to disable it anyway. Beyond that, it’s just an AEG. From experience, if you want an AEG you should get at least one decent rifle before buying an SMG. The magazines are waaay smaller, like a third of the size, and the ergonomics of an MP5 are less modern and may result in a slightly slower reload too.

I had/have one of these on my GBB MP5K, and it made the blaster a delight to fuck with. It looks really cyberpunk when you put that and an Eotech sight on it, too. Honestly one of my favourite blasters to plink with. It’s one of the ones I’m looking forward to getting back, most.

Really the question is do you want a wells green gas SMS that holds 22balls, or an AEG?
As Jazzy stated, wells is okay if you take care of it and IF you get one that was manufactured well… the catch is there it is manufactured be Well, so probably you won’t get one that was made well by Well.
Some of the later ones I seen at the shop I worked at were better, but still had plenty of less than desirable quality come through.

Ltd mp5 metal variants are pretty heavy and while good, and decent upgradable, with decent performance out of the box there are not going to be something you sling as a backup imo.

I have got a Wells mp5k that I don’t use. I think I also have 1 or 2 spare mags. Although 1 is a bit questionable.
If you can give me a good enough reason I might just give it to you.


That’s a very kind offer and I imagine that the OP is getting together “a good enough reason” as we speak! :joy:

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That handguard looks very similar to what was fitted to one of my old MP5’s, and was a great improvement over the original handguard :ok_hand:

Had several solid frame type stocks, as well as a few different folding versions, but found this buffer tube setup was great for ease of fitting/swapping out better size/quality batteries :+1:

Also still have the stock delete receiver end piece that has the single QD Sling mount for running no stock and single point sling for the ultimate compact size and carrying ease.


oooo, theres a tempting offer, wish i checked back sooner

I may just take you up on it

rn I am chasing a stim that is loosely guided by function.

I wanted a specific sliding stock, and it mutated to a folding mag in grip set up, think fmg9, still mp5 charging handle.

the mp5 still looks reeeaaaal sleek though.

I think the stim has gone past anything I can actually get which is a bit sad

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