Mp5 spring and quieter and battery

I have a mp5 gel blaster that i bought on amazon for about 50 dollars(i will put the link at the bottom). I am wondering what the highest spring that i can put into it without stripping the gears. could i put in like a m90 or even a m100 without stripping the gears or no. Also, was wondering if i can put foam around the guts of the inside of the gun to make it quieter, if anyone has any tips so that I can make it quieter that would be appreciated. Also wondering if this would handle an 11.1v battery inside of it instead of the included 7.4v one.

Would be nylon gears at best, 11.1v would probably shred them, especially if you upgrade the spring.

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If you pad it with foam, unfortunately it’s going to affect your heat dissipation pretty badly. Pretty much all the sound is going to come from the motor. It gives a LOUD high pitched whine, whereas the gears and piston just sort of rattle and dully thump.

Amazon blasters are unfortunately all pretty bad. Only the Gen 8’s are worth getting, and even then it’s miles behind the technology curve. Even if wizards like DocBob can make them competitive.

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This might be the same poster asking this same question on Reddit?

My simple answer was to fit a silent piston/cylinder head and use cloth/Camo tape on the exterior to absorb noise/vibration.

Rubber pistol grip covers also dull motor noise……but then again…… so does your hand when holding it!

Depends what is inside. For the price, it looks decent though, esp if its fed by a mag motor.
In all reality, probably not worth moding unless you like to tinker.
Possible things to look at. Fix seals, probably just by adding some grease. Spring can likely be stretched some by 10%, if it fits a proper spring I wouldnt put a m90 in. M70 or a 1.0mm at most. Change to alum barrel. Add hopup.
Dont go 11.1v, it wont live long.

If you do open it, post pics please. Maybe its has gen8 guts.

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