My balls swing to the left

Hey guys,

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Have an SRC SR4 blaster that’s downgraded using an M90 spring dropping the FPS to around 300 - 310, using an Aztech Armory Hellfire Hopup and Atomic Armory Gladiator gels which perform best in this blaster.

Im now getting much better grouping however those groups tend to swing to the left as they get out towards the 25-30m mark.

In terms of fixing the gels swinging to the left, where would one start to diagnose such an issue?

Should be noted that I haven’t done the barrel/cylinder volume test yet.



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The hop up… is it vertical with the tongue at the top?

(I’m so holding back)

Balls, swinging to the left, you say?

Could be a bent chinese barrel…

Was it made, in WunHungLow…??! :rofl: :rofl:

Its vertical “by eye” yes. The way the tongue is engineered I cant think of a way to level it to the blaster as you would a scope to a receiver.

Perhaps I’ll make incremental adjustments and see how that goes?

Give it a try. On the clocking of the hopup :+1: If you can’t because it’s screw on you can put a rubber oring on the thread to give you some squish and have some leeway without it being loose.
Ah I see the hellfire has grubscrews to lock it’s rotation.

I believe John Lennon’s balls swung to the left… :thinking:

John Wayne’s swung to the right… :rofl:

Yeah, rotate your hopup until your trajectory’s straight… most of my hopups sit on the barrel at about a 20 degree angle from dead vertical but shoot straight. :+1:

Oh no now I got that song , here I am stuck in the middle again… :rofl:

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Ah yeah… Stealers Wheel. Great little earworm. :rofl:

thank you for making me feel younger this morning :stuck_out_tongue: