My CYMA M4 Gel Blaster Three Modifications

My CYMA M4 Gel Blaster Three Modifications

Hi everyone!The CYMA M4 Gel Blaster has always been a favorite of mine, thanks to its outstanding value for money. I’ve played around and modified my CYMA M4 Gel Blaster a few times. This blog’s all about sharing those adventures with you, focusing mainly on changing up the outside look.You will see my CYMA M4 Gel Blaster through three major modifications!

1.The First Attempt

I went with a 12-inch MI fishbone. Trouble was, it didn’t fit snug with the sun ring, leading to this sinking thing that no tightening could fix. The fishbone pressing against the rail and being too high were the culprits. I thought maybe the sun ring was off. Loosening and re-tightening it fixed the sinking, but then there was this big gap. Ended up adding a side sight to hide it and keep things straight.


2.Second Generation Model

The second time I messed with my CYMA M4 Gel Blaster, I tried using this rifled barrel I had lying around, just to see what a longer blaster felt like. Turned out, I needed to tweak it to get the spin right, and without making it longer, the gap between parts looked off. Ended up not loving it. Long sights look cooler than quick ones, but hey, that’s a chat for another day.


3.The Latest and Greatest Version

For my latest CYMA M4 Gel Blaster tweak, I slapped on the simplest Warden suppressor I could find, moved the side sight back a bit, and ditched the folding sight. Sights and suppressors? Totally make the blaster. After popping these on, man, did it look cool or what? This baby shoots gel balls at 20 meters per second, can hit targets up to 15 meters away, stretches nearly a meter long, and weighs around 6 pounds. Perfect for running around in indoor games.


A Little Bump in the Road

When tweaking my CYMA M4 Gel Blaster for the third time, I ran into a snag. After a while, the receiver’s core lock would make the back end tilt up, messing with the gearbox’s vibe. Had to tear it down and replace some parts in the end.

My Personal Conclusion

Messing with my CYMA M4 Gel Blaster has been a blast. Each mod made me get to know it better and customize it just the way I like. Hope my stories inspire you to have some fun tweaking your own Gel Blaster. Who knows what cool mods you’ll come up with!


This is the original blog link if you find it’s helpful.

The standard CYMA/JUND Barrel Nuts/Delta Rings were always terrible and were the only thing that let them down as an otherwise awesome quality blaster :frowning:

There’s absolutely nothing worse than a firearm with a wobbly handguard or buttstock :rage:

I used to do a few little tricks to tighten them up a bit for my customers blasters, but personally, I would junk the whole lot on my own personal blasters and run aftermarket barrel nuts and alloy thread clamped handguards to make them rock solid :ok_hand:

Nice work and comments/photos you have shared, as this is exactly what this Forum is all about and I am looking forward to seeing more of this stuff from your work :sunglasses:

Glad to hear that!People hates me when I share in reddit,I feel that there are more beginners in USA?They don’t want to see my content like :how to upgrade your spring,how to improve your gel blaster accuracy.I feel better to share here.


Yes I have been following your work on Reddit for a while now on the various Gelblaster Subreddits, which are extremely well written, helpful, plenty of photos and information………,?but in this modern world of people being extremely wary of anyone who comes across so strongly with their posts, people immediately back away and take it as just another dodgy person trying to promote their products into the market.

This is why you have seen the comments made here about yourself and your business/work……… because we have all seen MANY retailers jump on the bandwagon and come in hard and fast into our hobby/industry looking to make money and sell products rather than being actively involved in this hobby or having any knowledge or experience with Gelblasters whatsoever to share with our community here :frowning:

From everything I have seen you post on Reddit, you are obviously passionate about what you do and have a decent amount of knowledge about Gelblasters, but much of the modern online world only sees any large online “spamming” posts as nothing more than some company trying to suck them into buying their products.

I can share your passion and excitement with what you are doing, but I can honestly say that what you are doing and sharing on Reddit does nothing more than get people offside and wary about what your intentions are.

You have already been advised here from our Forum members that we are open and welcoming to have people such as yourself sharing and discussing your work, but promoting a business to try and gain customers is definitely frowned upon by the community here.

I fully recommend you to stay away from Reddit with your extremely detailed and informative posts, and save your efforts into posting such details of your work here on this Forum, where people will appreciate your knowledge and detailed comments/photos of your builds👌

4 Likes very nice work on those CYMA M4s… well done. :+1: They’ve been a firm favourite of mine for a while. Mainly due to the very decent gearboxes in them… compare a CYMA nylon V2 with the likes of a War Interest nylon V2 and you’ll know exactly what I mean. For the pricepoint they’re hard to beat, and new nylon CYMA gearboxes can be picked up for as little as $25 -$30 if you look around. Great value. :+1:

Totally agree with @DocBob on the delta ring / handguard issue, the standard item’s are woeful. Every CYMA delta ring I’ve had to replace sufferred from the problem of the spring retaining circlip punching through the bottom of the groove and protruding through into the thread. Damages the receiver thread on removal. So for me, it was either a swap over to a Noveske threaded handguard as a matter of course or, if I really wanted that classic M4 look, an upgraded delta ring with a screw clamped two piece fishbone.

For someone looking for a cheap nylon M4 platform with lots of potential the CYMA / Jund CQB/Warhawks tick most of the boxes.

If only their mags were better quality. :thinking:

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Or they extended their t-piece by 3 mm so gen8 mags would work

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That’s where I used to modify mags to fit other makes/models by either grinding off external tubes, adding external tubes by gluing on a section of plastic tube to the right height and also modifying mag release slots by cutting new ones or filing out original ones to raise/lower their heights :+1:

With a bit of fiddling it’s possible to make many mags become “compatible” with other model blasters :sunglasses::+1:

Absolutely… especially if the availabilty of mags for your blaster is non-existent. :wink:

That’s the downside to having a preference for the older weird ones… no mags.

I remember chasing down spare mags for a LH Scorpion EVO3 a few years back. A really helpful young guy in a W.A. gelball shop sorted me with about four or five in the mail. A few weeks later I posted pics of the EVO on the old forum and sang the shop’s praises for helping me out. The same young guy commented that he was the one who sent them over to me, and he kind of regretted it because he got fired up from my post and wanted to mod an EVO too. :laughing:

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I found the major issue with cyma mags is the wiring. Most dead mags were just shit wiring. I striped old network and phone cables for the thin wires, chuck them in and then they work well.
They seriously have a couple of strands of very thin wire, and loose connection at the mag door through use.
The odd one had a dead motor but that was usually neglect.

Easy enough to adapt gen8 or SLR mags to keep them viable. Swap nozzle and tpiece for ldt, add a couple mm of material to contact the mags gel ball stopper and they go really well.

If it’s the metal cyma box a designed and printed a mag terminal block to do it.

How do you keep the ldt t-piece aligned? I doesn’t have the lip where it fits onto the gearbox. Every time I tried to use them they develop air leaks. Ended up using a 3d printed extension to the CYMA t-piece to use gen 8 mags

I have never had a problem with alignment. The Tpiece and barrel in the outer barrel/barrel adaptor have kept them aligned for me. LDT is similar enough to cyma tpiece I guess. One is in a full metal cyma, two more are custom builds with metal boxes, and another is a nylon box in a hodge podge abomination of cyma kublai well and aftermarket parts.
Worth noting, one of the custom builds does 36rps and 350fps consistently in semi and full auto, haven’t noticed any misalignment in them yet.