My Dytac SLR doesn't like p-mags (works fine with standard cyma m4 mags)

Hey all - As title says, Dytac SLR seems to shoot a dozen or so rounds then stops feeding when using cyma p-mags, but runs perfect with normal cyma m4 mags.

Running on 11.1v if that matters.

Using same gels in all mags. Priming before shooting, and priming when it stops feeding but same result. Once they stop feeding, there’s nothing I can do to get them going again.

Have 2 different brands of p-mags and had same experience with both.
I made sure the mags were seated in as good as I could get them, although they were notably very very tight in there.

Anything I can do? Anyone had the same issue? Cheers!

Buy more standard CYMA M4 mags and throw the P-Mags in the bin? :thinking:

I do believe that @RokSolid can give you some good tips on how to make the P-Mags actually work as they should when trying to run 11.1V👍

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Cheers @DocBob
Replace the wires, 9 of 10 times will fix the cyma mags feeding issues. The Pmags also have the poor design choice where one side of the motor is exposed to wet gels which can lead them to rust and seize. If you have cyma pmags, empty gels after use, turn them upside down and leave to drain and dry.
My two cymas I have modified to take slr mags. Bit more involved. change to an LDT tpiece and nozzle, and then you need to add some material to the underside of the gearbox at the front, about 3-3.5mm thick to push the gelball stop on the mags.

I made a 3d printed terminal plate that does this and replaces the circuit board terminal plate, and removed the mag prime entirely, but this was more due to that my boxes were second hand from people that were rough af on the charging handles and stuffed the little switch, and I had none spare at the time.


I also had the standard habit of drilling 3/16” drain holes in the bottom of every single magazine that I ever owned.

This, along with ensuring that every single magazine was properly emptied, dried out and had a quick squirt of CRC onto the feed motor every time that they were to be stored away for any length of time…… especially any Metal mags :ok_hand:

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Probably a bit too deep for my novice brain. I may have to take bob’s advice and just get more standard mags for now… Thanks heaps man!


Ya gotta love a drain hole in a mag… :+1:

Such a simple 30 second job that goes a long way towards prolonging the life of that mag motor.

They’re not submarines… :joy:

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Did you ever get rust in the drilled hole on metal mags?

I’m thinking I’ll do this to preserve the mags as suggested. All my mags are basically brand new, so would be best to do now.

Got 2 metal ones and rest are nylon. I’m glad I got this advice early on!

When drilling metal mags, brush on a dab of paint on any exposed metal to prevent it from rusting.
Enamel Nail Polish is perfect for this :ok_hand: