My Project

I have sijun HK416 and i was thinking on converting it into LDT receiver I do research both receiver and i found it was able to fit … I was thinking on buying the parts on monkee mod … Is it possible for sijun gearbox to be in LDT receiver since i found my was really loking similar

Not familiar with Sijun gear, but if it’s a V2 gearbox it’ll physically fit into the LDT receiver. The War Interest gearbox in the LDT HK416 are V2 design also.

You may have issues with the t piece engagement and mag catch and terminal positions, if there are differences between the two brands there but if everything works and engages properly there’s no reason for the swap not to be successful.

I have a sijun and the gearbox seems to be very similar to the nylon ldt gearboxes and the t piece seems to be a copy of the ldt one as well. The gearbox will fit no worries it will be the mag latch that might be different. The sijun gel blasters might be gen 9 receiver with a v2 gearbox as I think the a latching point maybe slightly different to other V2 based blasters.

I have both ldt and sijun hk416, and I have to say if you want to put sijun gearbox inside ldt body, you have to leave the blowback, charging handle kit from sijun out, since the ldt body is designed for gearbox without them.

As for parts, the nozzle head and t piece are basically similar in size, so you don’t need to worry about that. Just make sure your t piece from ldt has enough spring to stabilize it.