Need a semi+auto fire rifle

Sorry mods if wrong section didnt think it elsewhere.

Basicly as title, need a rifle that can do semi and auto modes, currently looking at a jund m4 cqb one but cant find much info on it.

From what ive found its a tac toys (bradley phillips video) a jund (as labeld by x-force and everything else i can find by googling its name) or a cyma. So right now im confused as hell and gonna turn to the brains trust on this one.

A jund is a lower priced cyma. The M4 CQB has semi and full-auto modes.

These were a very popular choice a while back, particularly when they were on special for around $100.


Thanks so i take just any cyma mag would work with it then aswell? wanna get a few of their p-mags and repaint them over time as i get into gel blasters but dont want to spend the cash and then find out they wont work.

You need CYMA mags for CYMAs or an extension to the t-piece feed tube to run Gen 8 mags

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As stated, the jund are Cyma and mags are the same.
I own a few of the jund models with varying upgrades/mods, most of the time I run the Cyma drum or standard type mags👍


Thanks, was looking at Cyma M4 Nylon P Mag- Black - X-Force Tactical these because they can do the painting style i want to do on them.