Need help finding a good cnc split box in stock

I’ve got an ldt hk416 with modded internals and I’m trying to find an affordable split box like ldx expert shells but the closest I can find in stock are the single side split mk boxes. any ideas on what to do or just go with the mk box?

im tempted by the v2M CNC gel blaster gearbox case – Mk Tactical Hobbies and the V2 T-Piece Spacer for Warinterest – Mk Tactical Hobbies any opinions

Welcome @ZePenuin :+1:
First suggestion is to go to the “Introduce Yourself” thread and tell us all about yourself, your Blasters and your interests.

This helps for members here to engage in helping with your questions and provide more detailed information for your requirements :ok_hand:

You will get the best advice/answers by providing pics/information specific to the blaster that you are requesting help for.

The more information that you can provide will result in the best specific advice for your needs.