Need Help getting rid of gel blaster

i bought a double bell m4a1 metal gel blaster but i live in victoria which isnt allowed. am i able to sell it to a state like queensland where its legal? if not is there any other way i can get rid of it?

Good onya for being honest, obviously more honest than whoever sold and sent it to you.
Yes, you need to get rid of it asap, but I am pretty certain that it would still be illegal to on-sell/post to QLD or a Licensed SA person.

@JazzyWard is pretty educated regarding the laws over those parts of the country, so hopefully she can help back up my comments :+1:


thank you! yeah i cant really use because of the laws over here but im just not sure how to get rid of it

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but VicPol would take the view that if it’s illegal to own a gel blaster in Vic, it’s most definitely illegal to sell it, even if it’s being sold to a person in a state where that item’s not illegal. The law of the home state applies.

Sorry that you’re in this position. Like DocBob said, it it was sold and shipped to you in Vic, the seller’s been pretty unscrupulous.

You may need to consider surrendering it as your only legal recourse.


I got rid of all my stuff by basically breaking it all up and throwing it into the bins on garbage day.
Take a few pictures of it smashed up in the bin as evidence IF you ever do require evidence to show that you did dispose of it.

I know that that’s not going to replace your money spent…… but that’s the quickest way to get rid of it, or call your local Police Station and tell them that you want to hand it in.

If you don’t want to deal with the Police, then any registered gun dealers/shops can take them and give you a receipt.

Thanks for doing the right thing :+1:

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Yes, you want to dispose of it. Burn it is one way. Dispose of to Cop Shop is another. Chop into itty bitty pieces and in the garbage is another. Just not the battery. You can’t sell it interstate that window closed quite some time ago. Good luck :+1:

Yeah exactly right about the battery…. except they aren’t illegal to possess, but what’s the use of a stock Chinese Chequer battery anyrate :roll_eyes:

I disposed of my shitty China batteries through the nearest JAYCAR retailer about 100k’s away!

Quite a coincidence that their employees were huge Gelblaster owners themselves…. so can’t guarantee that my batteries got recycled or rehomed! :joy:

I kept all of my TURNIGY Airsoft and Expensive NANOTECH Brick batteries, along with the two B6 chargers to maintain them in the hope that we might get this hobby legalised again in WA.

As for the huge collection of blasters that I owned where we were only given 4 weeks to dispose of…… they were stripped of legal parts such as gearboxes/accessories and attachments, then whatever was left was smashed into pieces and put in the rubbish bins on collection days.

Took photos of the bins full of broken plastic, and it did take 4 weeks x 2 bins to dispose of everything that I owned.

It’s sad to see that someone gets scammed by unscrupulous sellers over maybe a $350 blaster…… but I honestly lost count of the thousands of dollars worth of gear that I destroyed and lost :rage:

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Yea I know you can keep the battery, my msg didn’t explain that. They are fine and common in some of the smaller RC gear why they are not illegal to posess but not ever of quality to hold on to anyway. Most of them are recycled batteries to start with why they fail so much. Nearest battery recycler is best for the chinese checkers :+1:

Yeah that’s why I went out of my way to find the nearest business who could accept LiPo Battery recycling.

I didn’t want to chuck them in the bin and have explosions happening out the front gate, garbage trucks burning to the ground or my mates at the local tip getting gassed out!

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Some Coles accept them in some CBD’s, wherever you are you have to check it out for yourself. Recycling collection points. Ask Alexa I hear she’s smart, no actually don’t, I give her a run the other day and pointed me in wrong direction. :laughing:

I don’t have such things available to me so I dispose of them in a way I do not recommend to city folk at all, but is safe. I don’t even have a wheelie bin or garbage collection, no local dump. If you haven’t got them you can’t burn them :joy:

Yeah, same problem here living out in the bush…… had no mail service, no rubbish collection, no recycling businesses within cooee…. just had to use the Hot Rod Workshop premises to be able to use to dispose of everything blaster wise, and then a 100klm drive just to find somewhere to be able to safely dispose of the crap batteries :roll_eyes:

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do you guys think that gel blasters or airsoft might make it back to australia one day? it looks so fun but it sucks we get to miss out :frowning:

Maybe. In Victoria, your most realistic option is to push your legislators to put gel blasters into an official category on the licensing system, the same way SA has done it.

Hassle your local member, and get your friends to hassle their members, and get their friends to hassle their members. You can maybe draw up a petition, if you use the official ones on the government websites. Don’t bother with a petition, as they have no legal weight, unlike official ones.

It’s not super duper likely, I’ll admit, but it’s worth a try. Tyranny thrives on apathy.

You can also pop over the border to SA for a few rounds.

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Big hassles if you cross borders with them… you wouldn’t want to get pulled up with them in the car. But they have to be registered in SA anyway, it’s an offence to have them in SA unregistered :man_shrugging:

Pretty well stitched up.

Breaks my heart to hear about you guys in WA breaking up your loadouts and binning them. :pensive: I hope that day never comes here in Queensland.

I’m sure Jazzy meant just hire at the field they have that option. You only need yourself.


Yeah 100% this. The blasters for hire usually tend to be pretty solid units. They have to be to survive birthday thrashings :laughing:

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Yeah, my bad… didn’t think of that option :woozy_face:

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You are right though, only state is from Queensland you can get a blaster into SA. Even then it needs to go to a firearms dealer and then on to a cop shop for rego.

I was just trying to find some info for your state. Seems it is preferred to contact your local firearms dealer. Or less preferred, a cop shop.

There is a permanent national firearms amnesty covering all states which you are covered from any legalities if you come forward with it.

Disposal of firearms and ammunition (