Need help to find a Picatinny Rail Riser

So after a couple of CQB games in gel city, black site etc, I just realised that because I am wearing a full face mask, there is not way I can use my rifle’s iron sight or scope.

I believe what I need is a “Picatinny Rail Riser”, however I cannot find anything useful in Australia websites.

If anyone has a good suggestion, can you please let me know?

Thanks in advance.

Most go for drop stocks instead of risers.

But some here

You searched for riser - X-Force Tactical

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Some stores had them in the past, I always got them from AliExpress as they were cheap but certainly not quick.

Drop stocks work. I can’t do them as I like a replica more than a paintball launcher. So risers it is for me.

Same… just can’t vibe with the look of drop stocks on some of the speedy boy blasters.

Then again, if your headgear means a riser the height of the Eiffel Tower, that to me would be just as offensive to my occular capacity. :laughing:

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Anything wrong with Aliexpress? I get parts like that from there and they arrive super fast in the post. Sometimes quicker than getting post from interstate within Australia. And usually free postage.


Nothing wrong with Alix in my experience, pick the high rated sellers and have at it. :+1: