Need some advice for m4a1 gen8 also acc honey badger and also LH aug

Iam new to gel blasters i recently bought my first gel blaster a jm M4A1 gen8 and also purchased a ACC honey badger and a LH Aug and im looking to upgrade one of the 3 if not all of them sooner or later and would like some advice and tips possibly a parts list to get better performance and which of the 3 i have would be the best to do so

Hey there, welcome to the funny farm! :sunglasses:

There’s much information to be found here, and plenty of experienced people who are more than willing to answer questions and help out in any way possible :+1:

A good start is to use the search bar function and check out the wealth of information/photos/advice already available on this Forum that should answer most of your questions.

If there’s anything in particular/specific information that you can’t find, simply leave a comment under the relevant thread and it will be highlighted for everyone to see/read and give feedback :white_check_mark:

There is also an “Introduce Yourself” section here that is always encouraged for new users to tell us a bit more about themselves, where they are located and what blasters they own, simply as a handy guide to help people give you feedback specific to your country and suppliers available.

Have fun!

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Thank you I appreciate the welcoming and the info. I’ll remember to use the search bar for some of my questions and thanks again

No worries :+1:

Simply type in the particular model blaster that you want to find information about and the search results will bring up a big list of topics that are specific to that particular model.

Certainly plenty of information to be found :sunglasses:

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Three pretty decent blasters there…

Aside from what you’ll find in here there’s lots of online content to help you on your modding journey. Low Guido’s Youtube channel is highly recommended viewing, I definitely know he has older M4A1 Gen 8 & LH Steyr AUG teardown videos, not 100% sure on the Honey Badger.

Have fun with it, and don’t be afraid to follow Doc’s advice if you get stuck and can’t find an answer to a question by searching the forum. There are no dumb question in here.

Hopefully you’ll figure out our Aussie sense of humour in some of the content. :wink:

You’ll find a great bunch of people in this group, always happy to help out. :+1:

As other stated there are loads of information and videos to the aug and gen8. Honey badger I’m not sure of videos and information, but I can tell you they are pretty accepting of great metal gearboxes, and a modders delight in that internals can do whatever your wallet and skills allow you! Stock nylon gearbox not so much but you can give them a solid trick up and enjoy them.

Thank you and ive already have learned quite abit just the short time being apart of the community

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