New guy saying hello and picking up E&C Car15…

Hi all, my name is Jason and just starting out with my first blaster (picking up an E&C car15 ) tomorrow from WATINT. Any feedback on these would be greatly appreciated and what vietnam type short mag will best fit this blaster as it only comes with the 30 round look mag.

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Welcome to the group. :wave:

E&C CAR15s have had some pretty good reviews up, I believe. Good choice for your first blaster.

I built up an XM-177 / CAR15 clone from a CYMA, picked up a short Double Bell metal mag from GBU on the GC for it. Nobody else had stock at the time. Sprayed it gunmetal. It works well with the CYMA receiver.

GBU claim the DB mags are a universal fit, but I’m not sure about E&C compatability.

Maybe give them a call to confirm, because at $50 they ain’t the cheapest… GBU are asking a premium for them, so look around. :man_shrugging:


WAT are out of stock of the double bell shorties but only charge $25 each. They have the 30rnd double bell for $25 as well and mag lock slot same spot could check with one of those and just ask them when you go in if they fit E&C and an expected arrival time.

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Howdy, and welcome.!

The E&C make great blasters, very high levels of detail and markings.
Getting the one, with the M203 launcher.?
Good sale prices , at the moment…

Pop up a few piccies, when you get it…

If they’re still going Gel ball warehouse had some short straight and pmag in gen 8 style for cheap, but as with all mags they may not fit all blasters.

They fit my SLR but not me LDT HK416 and are tight in my J9.

Just had a look and they got JM metal ones for $20 or nylon for $10

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Thanks heaps mate. Will do…

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Thank you, will do…didn’t make it up there yesterday but when I pick it up this week I will post some images.

Will do…thanks for the response mate.

Finally got my CAR and is beautiful, got lucky to swap the modern mag for the early Nam look version at the store (big thank you to WAT INT Tony). Can also confirm Double Bell long and short mags fit the E&C blasters as Tony even tried the short mag from the 203 version in mine and shoots well.