New to gel blasters, question about the rules


As stated above I’m new to the world of gel blasters and I’m located in the USA. I’m looking to not only get into gel blasters but start a local business of importing, upgrading and customizing them for local clients. I want to make sure I play by the rules here so here is my question:

In the rules of the forum there is a sentence that reads “ Selling replica style blasters to Vic/Tas” and I just want to understand what this means so I don’t break any rules. What is Vic/Tas? L

Thanks in advance and I’m happy to be here!

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Hey bud.

Victoria and Tasmania are two of our states here in Australia. They’re allowed to possess gel blasters that aren’t imitation firearms. At present, the only models confirmed by Victoria Police to follow this rule are Gelstorms, Gelblaster Surges and Tracer’s pistols.

Our other states are Queensland, where there are no restrictions on buying or selling blasters, South Australia, where buyers require a license and must make purchases using a licensed firearm dealer as an intermediary, and Northern Territory/Western Australia/New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory, where gel blasters are completely illegal.

Hope that clears things up.


Yes it did, thank you very much!

I figured this was probably the case, other states in another country. I’ve seen a lot of these gel blasters are very popular in Australia as I believe you don’t have air soft, paintball or real firearms there?


Ah yes, we do have paintball and real firearms here :grinning:
But the real steel are heavily regulated here, unlike in your country.
Airsoft is illegal though, which is why we have the gel blasters.


Yeah, we definitely have Firearms and Paintball …… a very popular misconception in the USA about Australia :roll_eyes:
Grew up as kids shooting real firearms, and still have many family guns in the safe, also played Paintball for many years :sunglasses:

This is why I went deep down the rabbit hole with Gel Blasters……. awesome replica toys that were much cheaper than paintball and have so many ways to upgrade and modify them :ok_hand:

It’s funny watching the USA slowly wake up to how much more fun these are than Airsoft……but there’s nothing really different except for the cheap biodegradable gels instead of expensive plastic pellets :+1: