Newbie here - just bought a 2nd hand LDT MP5

Hi all,

Newbie to this forum.

Quick question, I just bought a 2nd hand LDT MP5. But before I take it out to gelcity or so, I want to give it a quick service before I do anything do it.

Is a good spray of the gears under the trigger (thru the trigger hole) is good enough? Or I need to take it apart and gease everything (which I will need to research extensively) before I take it out for a spin?

Thank you in advance for your input.

Nylon gears or metal in that LDT? I’m guessing metal… :thinking: and a War Interest gearbox to boot.

That being the case it’s not a bad idea to consider a bit of preventive lubing pre gameplay… plenty of gearboxes have been torn down straight out of the factory packaging to reveal zero lubrication in the gearing or bearing bushes.

Squirting a silicon based lube (not WD40 or Inox, your rubber components may not like those products) certainly isn’t going to hurt, but how much of that lube gets around the important components through the trigger access is doubtful. A full tear down and grease would be best, but I can understand you not wanting to void warranties etc straight off the bat.

If the MP5’s new, it should be covered by warranty, so I wouldn’t stress too much.

Also the LDT MP5 is a bastard to teardown purely because of that mag terminals.

You’ll need something the width of the magwell and flat on the end to depress the mag springs as you gently slide the lower receiver back, otherwise if you just rip the lower out you’ll bend or worse, break the spring.

The worst part about the whole blaster honestly.

The trick I developed for the mag springs, gently pull the lower receiver back until the mag terminal springs are just resting on the mag well, then with a flat head screw driver depress the springs and tilt them so they are under the wall of the mag well. Once both are under it you can just pull the lower receiver out.

I always found it easy enough, yet every single LDT MP5 that somebody had a go at and then ends on my bench has bent and stuffed mag springs as they are easy to overlook the first time.

That’s pretty much what I do but instead of a screwdriver I use a block, more surface area, then I just need to hold the block down as I slide the receiver out.

The mag terminals are only really a problem if you forget they’re an issue and get ham fisted with the disassembly. :laughing:

I usually just carefully slide the upper receiver back until the back spring’s slightly preloaded, then compress it in with my finger until it clears the receiver and sits in between the upper and lower… then do the same for the front one. :+1:

I do agree that it’s not a very smart design. If I remember correctly the first time Low Guido tore down an LDT MP5 he disconnected the terminals… then had to deal with reconnecting them on reassembly. :joy: