Nuketown gc field

With the closure of guerilla blasters at loganholme looking for a more open outdoor field to fill the gap. What is nuketown like these days, anyone been recently? I have never been as i thought it was at the gold coast, but beenleigh is not to far away.

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I haven’t been recently to the new location at Beenleigh I think it is and I’m not 100% on this but I think they rotate between there and Pimpama.

We’ve been 3 or 4 times roughly 12 months ago and if there still playing at Pimpama the green/safe zone is the car park so you’ll want to take a fold out table and chairs some people setup gazebos unless your happy working out of your car. Staff are great seem to get everyone moving quickly field is quite well supervised refs aren’t affraid to call you out for not calling hits. like most fields you seem to get your regulars that keep returning week in week out. I really can’t say anything negative about how it’s run or setup.


They aren’t using Pimpama any more. New management there wasn’t supportive so they relocated to Beenleigh.


Even better saves driving another 30 mins.

Does anyone know the FPS limit? I know they used to have one but can’t find the info on the website.

FPS limit is 350. Lenient by about 20fps from personal experience.


Trident green gas will make the kar98 field legal. (With with a bit of wriggle room) by far my least favourite gas as of what I’ve used. Abbey and the one that M4A1 stocks Are my go to.

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Going to have a run at Nuketown on Wednesday afternoon / night (knee permitting)

Appreciate any suggestions on stuff to take.


  • two blasters - around 300fps each
  • glock - it’s lighter than 1911 and probably won’t get used anyway
  • 4 batteries
  • 10,000 fresh akas ( is that enough or is it more pray and spray)
  • giggle hat
  • safety glasses
  • chest rig for 4 mags
  • Looks like part will be a night game so I’m packing the light
  • chair

Not sure about the food situation - better check
Is a small table a good idea for set-up?


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Jealous as fck :cry:
How much is a plane ticket from Western Australia……, and will there be cake? :joy:

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How was it? What is the new location like?

Sorry - didn’t make it.

All good cheers. Hope the knee is getting better!