Painting the red muzzle on the beretta SKD 92

Can someone please lead me in the right direction on how to paint over the red muzzle on the Beretta skd 92. A way that will not affect the all-round performance. Spray or small brush? This is my first blaster so I want to keep it as realistic as possible. TIA.

Best way is to push out the retaining pin, pull off the top slide, remove the red barrel, thoroughly degrease it and paint it with Tamiya flat black in a spray can.

Or you could do what I did… degrease it and wrap it with a piece of black vinyl contact… paint can wear with use but the contact hangs in there forever.

Thanks for the feedback, how do you take off the top slide?

Pretty much everything you need to know to pull the slide off is in this video…

If you’re new to modding make Low Guido’s Chop Shop your go-to reference if you’re pulling down an unfamiliar blaster. Very handy info. :+1:


Excellent, much appreciated :+1: