Pay for Upgrades

Who (or what business) would you recommend to sup up/mod my blaster(s) I just want to pay someone who can do some basic mods as I understand them.

I know basically what I want, but with work and life, I simply don’t have the time. Most folks tell me do it yourself and learn, but I seriously am time starved,

I’m not cost sensitive, but I want someone reliable and who knows what they’re doing…I definitely don’t want to pay X and find it it hasn’t been done correctly.

I’ve bought all my gear from Tactical Edge, but not sure if they are any good at upgrades…??

Any advice or recommendations, thx.

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I’ve had repair work done by x-force at North lakes but have seen some of the upgrade stuff they’ve done for ppl, especially a specific kit for a Thompson, cough @BME cough. They know their stuff, only downside really is the queue time is sometimes rather long depending on what’s being done.

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I second the above.

If you just want basic upgrades, Tac edge can do those, at time of purchase.
Stuff like upgraded springs and orings, metal gears, better sealing etc…
Decent performance gains, without breaking the bank…or gearbox.!!

I.e., go in there buy it, agree upon upgrades, leave it there, and pick it up a few weeks later…

prices are reasonable.

Xforce can do the same, but they do tend to have longer wait times…their tech is always busy, doing warranty work, as well…

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Anyone know if Vas has a new tech at Meadowbrook now that Drew has moved south? Think the tech from Guerrillas is at TT’s at Archerfield. Even at FTB has been good at getting my other professional builds to work properly.

Xforce at North lakes are good lads and capable, but yes they have a bit of a queue going. A month or so ago when I was in there they were about a month wait time.

I’d you’re up sunshine coast way I could help out, though I am also a bit time poor and take about a week to do blasters (mainly as I only have minutes spare during the week then play catch up on the weekends. Adhesive cure times fit well with this schedule, and I chip away during the week, then test, tune and finish on the weekends)

I am currently in between blasters, waiting on a nozzle to arrive tuesday to finish someone’s gnarly SLR, then I can move on.

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Ok thx…Northlakes is too far, so I’ll go Tac Edge

Maybe to late, but i got a quote from xforce for p90 gearbox (mkbox) last year and the labour price was quite fair i thought to build box and install into shell. $100 if i recall. The only reason i didnt go ahead was due to the $350 for the rest of the gearbox. Nothing on them, i just couldnt justify the price to myself.

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