Polymorphs Tactical Corner ( Tv, Shows, Channels)

This Post is for entertainment Tactical related content Shows, Channels, Videos and more
(I’ve already done the work so you can sit back and watch)

Post new Channel videos related to Gel Blasters, Air-soft or Real Steel tactical content is all welcome.

Asian Airsoft Channels:

New Zeland Airsoft Channels

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Great idea :+1:
Possibly a good place to post technical vids for the standard basic blaster mods as well? :thinking:

Some people watch the Olympics i watch the Swat Challenge

Some People watch Motor Sport i watch the Tank Biathlon

Some People watch …whatever crap is on Channels 7, 9 or 10 about useless cunts who are as interesting as a dead mullet

I rather watch the following sometimes

Tac Tv LArry Vickers

Yes of course anything like that is welcome

Chinese Special Forces (Doc History Channel)

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Armor Airsoft load outs

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Geez……they don’t muck around these mob!

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Yep watched all those in past. Certified gun nut class of 80 sumthin :rofl:

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“80 something” bloody young pup! :joy:

Could be 70’s too but not tellin U :rofl:

I was born ‘72 and there was many family bang sticks around the family houses…… way before safes and laws etc. :roll_eyes:

We were taught gun safety, proper humane eradication education and constant use/competition shooting/training from very young.

As such, my memory is pretty hazy about exact details of every individual types of rifles/shotguns/pistols that we had experience with.

Especially harder when several of them were handed in to the government way back then :confused:

mm as I look back the main focus was vermin control which I cut my teeth on. It was promoted and generally worked well. Rabbits, Foxes, Kangaroos, Goats, Pigs.

These days it is frowned upon by the majority of society across the board and local councils resort to poison and baiting programs. Which I’ve seen first hand how dickheads fuck that up royally killing dogs and god knows what else in their clusterfuck efforts. No more jumping out the back of the Zephyr ute and donging a rabbit on the head with a bottle of Stones

Ahhh yes…. the good old “bunny bashing” as we used to call it as kids.
All piled in the back of the old farm ute armed with golf clubs and baseball bats.

Run along the fences with the spotlight and all jump out to apply swift eradication as quickly as possible.

Never forget the night my sister ran full pelt into a barbed wire fence chasing a rabbit, couldn’t see the wires due to the spotlight and got shredded pretty bad to the point of calling off the night and rushing back to the farm house for treatment :confused:

I don’t believe in poisoning animals.
I won’t even do it for rats and mice.
Our education was to get rid of pests/vermin in the quickest and most humane way possible.

Even the above statement about golf clubs and baseball bats was more effective than “winging” an animal with a gunshot, only to disappear into the scrub and not be found to die a painful slow death :cry:

Hence always having the right “equipment” for whatever we might come across each time going out to do our job in keeping down the damage being done to each different property.

It’s funny, my Father bought his first firearm a 22 singleshot in the 60’s to fire a shot over the rabbits to make them sit while a couple would jump out the ute and catch the rabbit as it was stunned. Then he accidently hit one day and thought, hey this is easier :rofl: