Possibly a stupid question

Hey guys. im back again

So i still have my M4 with a 13:1 gear ratio (Still unknown spring.) but i know shes hitting 300 fps.

At this point of time i have a 35k warhead in it. and shes pushing around 27-28 RPS. Would it be over kill if i slap a warhead 45K into this. My hopes was to be sitting at 30 rps but it seems to be slower compared to my old boost 40k which was sitting at 29 rps.

I do not know what the calculations are to figure out what the fps would be with each motor

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According to a spreadsheet I have from tha a/s peoples, a 45k brushed motor (14tpa) would give something like 40.9 rps, wheras a 35k brushed motor would give 35. rps.

You’re not using brushed motors, and you’re not getting the rps that the results would suggest - but regardless the ratio/difference should give you a better idea of what to expect.

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I have a warhead base 35k and 13:1 short 4 teeth with m120, and it pumps around the 35rps mark. (350fps)

Had built many 16:1 and 18:1 boost 40k builds and they all hit just on or under 30rps.

I would nearly guess you have some electrical and or mechanical resistance somewhere. What plug, wiring and trigger switch are you using?
Also what blaster and gearbox?

Also if you are around or upwards of 30rps you should know what spring it is, or at least have some short stroking to mitigate potential pre mature engagement issues.
The other question is what mags are you using as not all can keep up beyond 30rps and you might actually have higher rps and it is dry firing at points. Easy to tell up to around 25rps but gets difficult to hear a dry fire from 30rps and up

apologies for the late response.

When i got the blaster modded. I told the store what i wanted it to do and told them to put in the appropriate parts. So sadly i dont know what spring they put in due to they never actually told me.

It has silver wiring with deans plugs that run via a leviathan mosfet. Nothing inside the blaster is stock.

I have actually put the 45k motor into the blaster now and its running at 32 rps with no issues.

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could you possibly send me the spreadsheet? I have some friends and family asking me in regards to their blasters what sort of rps they would get with different combinations.

32 rps seems low for a 45k with 13:1s. I’ve got 12:1s and a 25k 26tpa and I get 31.33 rps?

I know this is what the thread is about but what spring are you running? I feel like brushless shouldn’t have an issue with most springs so could be a shimming issue?

edit: fuck this is an old thread oops

its fine, i still get notifications for this. Unfortunately, i dont actually know what spring was put into it due to i got a shop to custom make this blaster and they never ended up actually telling me what they put into it.

Awesome to see that it doesn’t matter how old the thread is……., as long as someone here is willing to still comment and help out :+1:

Thanks…… I still stand by my own comments above :point_up::point_up::point_up: