Question about the Hl-15 honey badger

Has anyone here purchased it? What do you think about it? Is it good otb, how compatible is the mag?
Thank you.

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it can run with Gen 8 mags which is the most common and cheapest.

Based off of what I can find of it. I personally wouldn’t actually pick this blaster up. I would instead buy a more common blaster such as a SLR CQB or a wells CQB. The blow back function does put more strain on your gearbox and battery. so I would remove that feature if I had one.

Yes it does have metal gears. But a nylon gear box I kind of think like that would break if you add a heavier spring into it. The first thing I would do would try to slap a 3 cell into it just for a better rate of fire and performance.


I remember a couple of posts about it. From what I remember it was ok for the price with a few par the norm upgrades.

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A mate I and picked them up. His I upgraded the nylon box… mine went to CNC gearbox.

I would say they are easy to upgrade if you have experience, not so much if you dont.

I also fixed heaps of trigger blocks in customers ones, the stock trigger block is hot garbage, change to SHS is easy but does require a small piece of the gearbox to but cut out, highly recommended.

Then change piston and oring. And remove blowback nonsense. It is particularly flimsy and will only lead to issues. Easily done by filing down the metal piece that enters the top of the gearbox and contacts the piston. You’ll need to remove it if upgrading piston.

I would say these are a modders delight. They are trash stock with just over 200fps, and a trigger that if pulled to hard stops working in auto, and pulled too quick won’t complete a cycle in semi, no airseal, and blowback that is known for breaking.

Beauty is takes SLR mags better and CNC gearboxes, ldt ish nozzle and tpiece can be used with a bit of work, and quite easy to work on and teardown.


And replace the arl sprig as it doesn’t have the hook that keeps it on the arl

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Oh yes, this… One of mine the arl spring failed in the first week too :man_facepalming: