Question for the builders

So ive got a idea for something but i need some help, would any of the builders be able to check the voltage for a trigger pull is please?

Would check it myself but money is tight and ive currently got no electrical tools myself and with xmas coming up i need to put aside money for that before goofing around on gel blaster idea’s and i knew we had a fair few tinker’s here that might be able to help.

Voltage at the trigger is full battery voltage for all basic contact switch types of triggers, whereas MOSFET fitted blasters can be either the same or stepped down to lower voltages because they only have to send a signal to the MOSFET trigger switching circuit.

The biggest difference is the Amperage, not the voltage.

Older/non-mosfet types often only have 3-5 amp small switches on the Gen8 style stuff that can only be upgraded to a 10A switch without having to then fit a Mosfet for higher draw motors/springs etc.

V3 Style trolley switches can handle a lot of Amps, so they are normally safe for around 20A before upgrading to Mosfet switching.

So basically, if you have the later style trolley switch, it should be fine for some pretty powerful motors and springs :+1:

A bit more information in your question would certainly have helped out in answering your needs :joy:

Fair on a bit more info, basically trying to figure out how to remotely wire some led’s up to do what the bifrost unit does with the flash at a fraction of the price and have it in gun vs using a external set up.

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Some of the old forum members did similar with no problems piggy backing off mag wiring. Especially with LED lighting they draw bugger all amps. They were for lighting up glow balls using UV led lights. Can’t see why the same can’t be done for a flash unit.

Maybe get a multimeter. They can be as cheap as china wants them to be and still work. Depends on how much flash and juice you want.

I seem to remember that guru of innovation Cruise testing this out pretty extensively back in the day. :thinking: so much valuable archived information went south with the old forum… damn shame.

If I remember correctly he got the best results running a couple of switched UV LEDs set into the t-piece, the theory being the gels sat in there for the longest time. I guess pre-charging the glow gels in the mag itself wouldn’t be a bad thing as well.

It’s definitely something I’ve always wanted to play around with but my hands on skills with electronics are at the level of about a five year old . :joy:

I went of the mag terminals no problem for the hand guard lights on the barret👍

I spent a bit of time with Cruise on the back veranda a number of times, going through his creations and modifications that he had made to several of his blasters.

I’m busy at the moment, but will reply in more detail a bit later today :+1:

@Friendly_Fire Yea i remeber cruise and the stuff that went up, so annoyed not much of the know how of the old forum ended up on the internet archive (Edit: was able to do a data scrap because i found the old url and check this out TRACERS, GLOW GELS and UV LEDs - Gels - Gel Blaster Forum one of cruises threads.), i am mostly doing a fake muzzle flash so led’s around the barrel or somewhere instead of adding a fake suppressor unit.

@Bigmuthadrums Yea i am thinking battery might be the best way to go instead of the trigger since as doc said it would be fair easier to tap then the random voltages of the trigger.

@DocBob No issue, take all the time you need since this is gonna be a next year project currently, just spent 300 dollars on 3d printing filament since i was running low on the stuff and my wallet still hates me for it.

EDIT: in my reply to friendly_fire i mentioned needing the old forum url to do a data scrap but my chrome browser still had its url bookmarked so i was able to pull a thread from cruise on the internet archive.

Righto, just clocked out here as is 6:30pm and I reckon I done enough Hot Rod building in the 42° heat today :roll_eyes:

So…… LED tracer options.

Cruise used to bring his creations around to my place and we would sit and go through the details for a few hours over a coffee or three :sunglasses:

At the time, I was building custom Glow Magazines, as these made more sense as an independent part from whatever Gelblaster that was required to fit them into, without any modifications or wiring etc. to any of the blasters themselves :ok_hand:

This made more sense to me that once a customer got one of my Glow Mags, all they had to do was get it home, load it with glow gels and put it in whatever blaster they wanted to use it on!

Much simpler than getting the customers actual blaster, and then having to do a shitonne of work drilling, fitting, wiring, adding electronics etc etc to only achieve for that single blaster to be set up with a glow function accessory that wasn’t needed 24/7, and also meant that only that single blaster alone was able to use glow gels and wasn’t a removable/transferable feature that could be easily removed and set up again into another blaster when the customer upgraded to another newer/different model that they had just bought……… so the whole system would have to be paid for to be added to every single blaster that they bought/owned :roll_eyes:

A custom dedicated Glow Magazine on the other hand, was fully self contained and required absolutely zero modifications to whichever blaster you wanted to run Glow Gels through.

Simply use your standard mags throughout whatever games/situations you would normally play, and then if you suddenly ran indoors, or was an overcast day/late afternoon……. simply eject your standard mag and insert the pre filled Glow Mag!

If you had 3 or 4 different Gelblasters that ran the same magazines, then that single Glow Mag would run in whatever Gelblaster you clipped it into across the board, meaning that any same compatible Gelblaster would be able to run Glows!:ok_hand:

I have rambled on this long without getting into any technical details, simply to prove my point that a Custom Glow Magazine has much more benefits than modifying a single Gelblaster to glow gels within its own mechanical workings and electronic components.

@Cruise was a jet on his electronics and gadgets, but were all a permanent fixture of a single Gelblaster……… and those blasters that he fully modded were pretty awesomely designed and made well :white_check_mark:

The reality of my custom glow mags was that a customer could simply call/message me and say “hey, I have one or five of these blasters that run this type of magazine”.

I would simply go order a standard applicable model mag and modify it into a custom glow mag, which didn’t require the customer sending me their blasters, nor spending hours to modify each one of them, I could simply build them a single glow mag that could be used across the board as a single stand alone unit and post back to them!

The internals and electronics were all fed from the mag motor wires, which also receive 7.2-11.1V from the trigger switch/MOSFET or whatever, but I used pre wired and resisted strips of UV LED’s that would operate on 5-12V without any need for additional resistors or electronics to operate.

And as Cruise mentioned in his comments about retaining the light source as to not give away your position whilst running around, the UV Glow Mags were fully light contained within the mag housing, not visible like t-piece/ejection ports/muzzle radiating light.
So in closing……. I would highly recommend building a dedicated Glow Magazine, which has many great benefits over the amount of work and electronic modifications required to fit a Glow System into the Blaster itself :+1:

After this long rant, I just realised that it would still be 100% legal for me here in WA to be able to continue to build custom Glow Mags, as I don’t require possession of a Gelblaster or Gels to build a Magazine!

Hit me up with your thoughts and any other questions that you might have in regards to achieving what you are looking to accomplish with running Glows in your custom builds :sunglasses:


I wonder how you’d get the flash muzzle blast effect you’re after. I always wondered how the bifrost achieved that.

Im just gonna copy what they do, flash the led’s a specific color setting via a small pcb somewhere hidden.

Found this off youtube, can see thats all it basically is a micro controller and a battery

You might be able so stash all that gear back in the handguard and just have the led’s out in a flash hider.

Yea thats where i was thinking of stashing it, just need a compact battery since pulling from the mag connection would be pulsed power unless the one inside the blaster is always powered.

The Bifrost Tracer units were pretty much the same as the Spitfire units, whereas they had a ring of LED’s that shone light forward of the Tracer unit, illuminating the fine water mist that accompanied the wet Gels exiting the barrel.

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