Question regarding the jd-102 jund/cyma mp5

I want to change the handguard to a railed-one or an sd one, but handguards from LDT don’t fit with this model. Do you guys know which handguard brands I can use? Thank you

Maybe something like this CYMA MP5 Rail Cover Handguard & Foregrip w/Outer Barrel-BK Airsoft Tiger111HK Area

Not 100% sure though.

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Your username seems extremely familiar does the channel in the photo below mean anything to you ?

Well……… if it’s anything even remotely close to being related to Gas Masks Squiddy, then you are definitely the man to know! :joy::+1:

Yeah got some cool German loot coming in soon might post on the recent purchases when it arrives

Sorry, doens’t ring a bell

Yeah just a coincidence then

Yes please do. Some of us will like it :+1:

If remember correctly your a mod so when I post pictures there are certain symbols on the masks that are not well received so should I censor them or am I allowed to fully post it in its original form

Na not a mod, contact Jazzy, or Docbob. Good point though, I don’t care personally as I see it as not now but of historic interest.

History is history, and censoring fact only dooms us to repeating our failures. My only desire is for those facts to be true and accurate.

Most of my historical analysis of masks is based on the engineering and time period it was manufactured in not the actual users of the mask


Guys please, do you guys have any knowledge regarding the cyma mp5 handguard :frowning:

Obviously not besides what I originally googled for you from a seller I’ve bought from before that is reputable overseas.

Asked any of your local dealers if they can do anything for you?

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