Quick detach spring guide for Gen 8? compatible with v2?

would a v2 spring guide be compatible with a gen8 gearbox? I want to upgrade it to a metal one with a ball bearing. I’m wondering if a v2 gb qd spring guide would suffice. I am running 13:1 gears so I kinda want the bearing on the spring guide to reduce stress on the gb and spring.

This is for my BF P90v4. I already swapped out the internals with metal gears with delayer chip, nylon piston with metal ladder, m100 spring, metal anti reverse latch, and 460 shs motor (green)

stock qd spring guide

slong v2 qd spring guide with bbearing
Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 3.30.09 PM

here is the bf p90v4 gb (pic is quite old, have upgrade most internals)

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Nice to finally see a p90 V4 gearbox, black nylon! Would love to see some more pics of it if you can :slight_smile:
I’ve not seen a V4 in person or at all until now but have been keen to. The v3 I don’t remember finding a compatible retainer for when I had one a few years ago. But as far as bearings on spring retainer, if you have one on the piston head in the piston, that is enough. One is good, two is only slightly better, usually the only benefit of having a bearing at both ends is slightly more compressed spring.