Random GBB questions

Just a topic for anyone with gas blowback inquiries or problems


I have one :raised_hand:

My DB G19 OOTB struggles to blast more than 2-3 gels before crushing them or getting jammed.

It’s hard to tell from the pics, but the barrel feeder is very rough compared to my wells G17, so I’m not sure If the gels are getting nicked on the way in or if it’s the mag.





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My g17 did the same thing, but instead of splitting gels, it didnt even feed up. The mags arent specific for gels, but for bbs, so the ladder(?) Is wider. The gels compress and dont push upwards properly

Yeah, that’s what seems to be happening on my 19. I have tried ultras, elites, pinks & even the throw pack it came with, but they all struggle to feed.

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I usually sand down around the bucking chamber
Some of them have sharp edges


I love the look and feel of it, BUT…

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thank you!

barrel feeder :joy:

Any GBBP techs here? or anyone recommend any around sunnycoast? My Hicapa is STRUGGLING and GBBs hurt my brain

What’s wrong with her? Might be able to help you diagnose it.


Bad feeding and shredded gels, looks like the hammer doesn’t actually sit far enough downand is rubbing against the BBU, which then causes the nozzle to sometimes not fully cycle, things a bit of a mess.

I wonder if your seer spring is applying too much or too little tension? Can you get some shots inside the grip with the slide off, so we can see the hammer position?

Will do at some point, away from my blasters rn but will probably get photos next week.

This could probably apply to all blasters but has anyone tried bluing or parkerising a gel blaster? The factory paint on both my GE 1911s is starting to bubble and flake and I’d like a finish that’s a bit sturdier (and arguably better looking) than what’s currently available.

Does anyone have any experience with the Armourer Works HX2601?