RARE TREASURE and Finds (Smugglers Den)

This is a post for community members that have over time obtained rare, unique or prized items related to the Gel Blaster community.

This can cover Blasters. Parts, Gear anything that have by good fortune made its way into one possession and part of ones collection.


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I have only one piece of ancient gel blaster treasure in my house.

Excuse the three year old picture, I can’t grab any new shots of it right now, but!

This is my GF’s SKD Glock, that also happens to be the original 14v mod job that Low Guido did super early in his gel video career. Unfortunately she’s probably going to be leaving it with our friend up North, because it seems a bit…over the top to keep it as a safe queen.


Very Nice! That takes me back :laughing:

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The items I will summit technically are more related to Gel Blasters cousin
(A-soft) but, were purchased for the intent for Gel Blaster use.

Which ironically were purchased way at the start of the hobby before the items were even compatible. Back then i predicted Gel blaster would cross with A-soft in design attributes and general function largely due to a already established industry over seas and a large want for those items in Australia.

Hence I made international purchases wondering if they would even make it to my door. reference… “customs” :neutral_face:

(I’ll update them with appropriate pictures but, for now will use some source photos to give a idea. of each summited item)

(Authentic) PTS magpul furniture.
Little history “Magpul” is a weapons accessory company in the USA. Back in the mid 2000s “Magpul” had a licensing agreement with a company called
“PTS syndicate” which made replica versions of the product line in Asia for use in A-soft.

In 2013 Magpul decided to pull the license agreement from PTS which made every PTS Magpul Item Labeled now a Discontinued item.

So, at the time i set out to find the authentic PTS Magpul parts and purchase them which in its self was a massive pain due to variety of reasons but, none the less was relatively successful over time.

PTS MAGPUL (Authentic Parts)
PTS Magpul Miad Pistole Grip in (Foliage Green)
PTS Magpul Trigger Guard in (Foliage Green)
PTS Magpul MOE hand Guard in (Foliage Green)
PTS Magpul Mbus Gen 2 rear sight (Foliage Green)
PTS Magpul Mil spec ver. CTR Stock (Foliage Green)

(PTS Magpul Miad Pistole Grip & Trigger Guard )

(PTS Magpul MOE hand Guard)

(PTS Magpul Mbus Gen 2 rear sight)

(PTS Magpul Mil spec ver. CTR Stock)

(What the look will be like )

Metal M4 Receiver ( Marked Marine ENV.M4)
To be honest I’m not sure how many of this type of receivers are in the community still but it was little rare back in the day. and to be fair was a bit of a rip off but that’s GBA for you and FOMOing


Oh man I love me some of the magpul things out there. I’ve got one of their MS3 slings (comfiest sling I’ve ever worn) and didn’t want to spoil anything earlier, but bought one of their real steel K2 grips for the GBBR build I have planned for my first new legal blaster. Damn thing fits in your hand like it’s the most natural thing in the world, and the beavertail makes taking the weight on your thumb webbing so much more tolerable.


Recently found this packet of black gels while digging through some old gelball boxes. Cant seem to find mention on forum or discord so must be a bit of a rarity!

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I see you have good taste ! :smile:
I agree those slings are some of the best. I myself have a MS4 sling currently in storage for the right time. :sunglasses: Also your comment regarding the pistol grip are spot on a much prefer the beaver tail as well feels like a glove.

As you can see I’m a bit of a Magpul fetishist haha.

As for a GBBR I’m wondering when they may bring in a VFC or GHK 416 also the MWS looks very enticing because of the re-engineering but, time will tell.


I’ve never seen black ones very interesting. :thinking:

(Bruise Master Upgrade parts.)
Rare Part

The first barrel i purchased and yes i did get it in the post …i don’t think many others did … :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Feel free to complain about the guy/retailer the list of pissed off people was massive at the time.

(The First All Metal HK 416 Gel Blaster) "Hawkx Tactical "
I would like to know how many of these are in the community still?

Yet Another De-funked Retailer from past years that burned allot in the Gel blaster community myself including :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

(Bang 22 Grenade) Pistol Pavilion

I still have one of the original hop ups made by Brent from the old Chainsaw company days.
I can’t even remember what blaster I bought it for :grin:

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Ah some of the classics parts still around :+1:

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the man did deliver on the bang 22s

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that he did shame he closed I wanted another one myself :neutral_face:

Some other items from way back

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dunno if i would have wanted a 2ng kek but i have one myself but aint allowed to use it anywhere