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p.s it doesnt have a “Glock” safety. Is just printed into the trigger part.

Always hot.

Shoots nice though and getting more rounds out of the compact mag then i thought.



i got a record playerr

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I got the Nomad finally, it’s pretty~

its fancy n strange n I love it

nowhere near perfect yet but I can already see this being a major part in my day to day life moving forwards

its the a6 version which is physically closer to my a5 notebook but the actual screen is about the same as my a6 sketchbook, so I’m happy enough, glad I didn’t wait for the a5 version cause that would have been too big I think, it feels like the right size for me ^^

gonna move the pen loop to the bottom for a nicer look and feel, and maybe make my own pen someday cause they sell the inserts for diy projects


Finally! A red dot for the MP5 that actually works! :roll_eyes:

Dedicated MP5 Matrix clone red dot that accurately co-witnesses with the diopter sights and fits the H&K dovetail on the receiver. Picked it up on a fluke drop in visit to Oz Gel & Tactical in Morayfield.

Only downside is without a taller riser mounted red dot sight the only buttstock that realistically works ergonomically is the solid A2 stock. :person_shrugging:

Might as well take it back to rear wired and run a big arse battery in it. :+1:

Anyone looking for an A3 sliding stock and a buffer tube stock for an LDT? :rofl:


Pre-ordered this morning!


Oooo giddy up! :+1: :+1:

Booyah! I do worry im paying for a lot of flat ass desert though :slight_smile:

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Lottsa mountains in Afghanistan, matey. :wink:

Watch that hard deck. :laughing:

Dang DCS website is snail pace. Will try later :unamused:


just bought this from temu for $39 lets see what its like it’s 93cm long


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I love these posts… some little gems come to light like this. I remember on the old forum someone posting up Ze Hua F2000s for about $80. Sparked a crazy run of members buying them and going nuts on mods. Huge fun. :laughing:

If it’s manual and electric I’d say it’s like the kids blasters Renegade sells… :thinking:

Looks like a good bit of fun to play around with… cheap enough at that price too. :+1: Can we expect a full review? If it’s half decent and moddable I might be tempted to skip a couple of macchiatos and spring for one myself. :laughing:

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That’s how I got the golden steyr Aug
Some EBIKE store owner imported heeps of different blasters.
Like gen 8, scars, m249 and what I bought.
A kriss vector.
all for around $100 each a couple of years ago
The more you bought the cheaper they got.
I actually rang him as he was only in Morayfield to verify my order .
That’s when he ask if I would like a golden steyr as he could no get rid of the 50 he had he would throw it in for free.
So I said shit yeah I think Steyr Aug are bloody ugly but a free gold one I could handle.
I rang him the next day to see if I could buy some more .
But he told me X force tactical bought the lot including the gold Steye Aug for $30 each some 200 different blasters.
Probably sold the whole lot on in there shops and made I nice profit .
Tho I have never seen another gold one don’t know what they did with them but they never sold them on.
That was a couple of years ago it was posted on the old forum.

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Ended up buying a Creality K1 Max Core XY 3D printer so i can finally get to building statues that i’ve been meaning to make for years.

Grabbed this lad off a friend of a mate who’d basically bought it and then never used it.
Only set me back $200 (plus everything else there) so I’m pretty happy with that pick-up.